All Work and No Play Makes Maggie a Dull Girl…well not really dull but you know what I mean

Hi, my name is Maggie and lately I have been a workaholic. You see, most of you probably think that isn’t possible when I webcam a few hours per day and have tons of time to myself. Well, that is not the case. Being Maggie Green is very much a full time job. First, there’s the emails. Work related and fan emails. Then, social media. I spend a huge part of my time on Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, FreeOnes forums, just to name a few. I am always interacting with fans and promoting myself on Twitter and all these other places. Then there’s webcamming. It takes me some time to get ready and do my make up and hair, clean my toys, pick out what I am going to wear that day. I truly enjoy webcamming but you have to understand it’s not always easy, I have to put up with annoying comments and trolls and people begging to see everything for free. And some days it’s slow, you can never be certain how much money you will make. That can be a bit stressful. Then there’s my website. I edit all of my own content which is very time consuming. Yes, I could hire someone to do it for me but I want it done that way I want it done so I just find it easier to do it all myself. And I have a hard time paying someone to do something for me that I can do myself, that’s just how I am. Then there’s my auctions on I have to track down payments from the winners and get things sent out. Sometimes people never respond to my emails or pay for what they’ve won so then I have to send emails to the auction site to ban that person and give me a refund ( they take a percentage of what you sell the item for). Then there’s custom videos…I shoot these occasionally and have to upload the footage, edit them and send them out to customers. Then there’s photo shoots and traveling. This takes a ton of preparation before I even leave…booking flights, hotels, car rental, shopping for wardrobe, confirming my schedule with my agent. Not to mention the actual shoots themselves, sometimes I am on set for 8-10 hours per day.

So you see? It’s a busy life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, I LOVE what I do and I feel very lucky to be able to do it. But everyone needs a break and needs down time in the life. I am making a conscious effort to give myself some down time, when I find myself with a break in my schedule I hop on the computer and do one of the things I talked about above. I need some Maggie time in my life! I get some when I work out but I need to take an afternoon here and there and do something just for me. I need to take evenings off of Twitter every now and then. Or have lunch with a friend. And by putting this out there, I am hoping that I will actually do it!

Next week I am taking a long weekend to go to a wedding so that will be a good start for me! Here are some pics from the website, I hope you enjoy them and enjoy the weekend as well!


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Blah. Blah. Blah. Meh.

can_iPhone6_43Does the title give you any clue how I’m feeling? Right now I have pink eye in both of my eyes, it really fucking hurts and is very annoying. Hopefully these antibiotic drops are going to knock it out fast. I’ve already been suffering for a week now, thought it was allergies but then went back to the doctor. This shit better work b/c I’m starting to get very ragey about it!

I got back from L.A. a couple of weeks ago…wow, what a trip! I shot almost every single day except for one. Exhausting! Some morning I had to get up at 5:30 or 6 to make sure I was to set on time, I had to drive over an hour for a couple of locations and I detest driving in LA. It’s not fun, people. But I survived, had a great time, met lots of cool and sexy people and shot amazing scenes! I came home exhausted and got tonsillitis the last day on my trip, my allergies have been horrific this year and they were crazy in California. I was taking my meds but on one set, there was quite a bit of smoke and that definitely set me off. Luckily, my doctor knows to prescribe me steroids and that takes the swelling down fast. But this eye thing is a bitch, I must say. It has prevents me from camming very much this week…arrghh and I miss it! I was supposed to be going up to the lake this weekend but alas, the pink eye is preventing me from my long weekend away. The main reason is that it’s not safe for me to be around my mom, who had a heart transplant just two months ago. Her immune system is extremely weak due to the medication so we can’t take any chances that she might catch an kind of infection. I guess it’s fine, the weather isn’t good boat weather yet so at least that’s making me feel a little better about missing out. So I’ve been sitting her all day writing tweets, editing content and answering emails. Then I remembered I haven’t blogged in about a month…bad girl!

Fuck, I wanted to go into all of these details about my trip and my shoots but I am too tired from the meds I am to concentrate. So here are a few pics, the two big boob blondes in the pics with me are Kelly Madison and Karen Fisher. The rest are from sets that I shot for I will blog again soon when I’m more functional!!
Love ya,

My Busy Life and Some Q and A

What’s up everyone? These past few weeks have been extremely busy for me! My mom finally came home from the hospital after her transplant and she’s doing amazing! I can’t get over it. I don’t think that I ever will. I’ll be sitting there working on something and all of the sudden it pops into my head that my mom had a heart transplant! Crazy! But incredible and I am so grateful and thankful that she was given this gift.

I’ve been getting ready for a big trip to LA, I leave this weekend and I’ll be gone for 11 days. I’ll be working non stop and it’s going to be tiring but hey, I love it! I’ll be shooting for my site as well as a bunch of others. I am going to stream live from my shoot on Sunday 4/28, you’ll be able to watch it from the members area where you view my live shows. Not sure what time but I will tweet about it.  Anyway, it’s a lot of work getting everything organized..I have to bring quite a bit of lingerie and different outfits as I won’t know until the day before what the producers are looking for. So you have to have a bit of everything. Then I need to make sure my hair is freshly cut and colored, manicure and pedicure, spray tanning, hotel reservations, car rentals, it takes some work! And I’ve been working out very hard to try and look my best.  I am still teaching Zumba, which I love, and also have been adding more weights into my routine..I already was lifting but had to be careful because of my elbow but it’s been behaving somewhat lately so I can do upper body again..yay! Also trying to eat clean and lots of protein but I can already tell you on the last night of my trip, I may have to go to the Cheesecake Factory and splurge! Not until after all my shoots are over though!

So I mentioned on Twitter that I wanted some questions to answer and you guys fired away! So here are some questions from my fans:

How did you get started camming?

This is a great question! Not many people know this but my first camming experience was over 12 years ago! It was before webcams had sound so everything was done though typing. I tried it out because I saw an episode of Real Sex that showed webcam models and I thought it would be a fun way to explore sex in a safe way. I did it for about 6 months and then things went south right after 9/11…traffic really died off and the economy wasn’t great. I eventually went to bartending. Fast forward years later after I had already been modeling for magazines and websites, I was approached by some studios to webcam and I thought I would do it to make some extra money in between modeling jobs. I tried several sites before I found Streamate. That’s when my webcamming career took off! I love Streamate and the customers and fans that I chat with every day. Come check me out on !


Is it hard to find a boyfriend given what you do for a living?

I’ve never had a problem in this area…I’ve been with the same person for awhile now and he fully supports me in every way possible. We are very secure in our relationship and what I do for a living works for us. But a lot of guys and girls would have a problem with it, it’s not for everyone. Either you can deal with it or you can’t. I don’t really know how to explain it other than that.


Do you ever wish your boobs were smaller?

At times, yes. But mostly, no. They have been big since I was a teen so I really don’t know any different. They do pose a problem when buying clothes and swim suits. But I have found what styles work and what doesn’t.


Ok, any more questions you can tweet me or email I always love to hear from you! Here are some pics from the site, enjoy them! Thanks!





I Went On Vacation and My Mom Got a New Heart!!

As you can tell by the title, it’s been a CRAZY month for me!!


If you don’t already know, a little over a year ago my mom almost died from a massive heart attack. She’s been in the hospital 4 times since then and it’s been a rough road. It’s a rather long story and you can read about it in older entires of my blog, January/February 2012. But it’s been known for months that she needed a heart transplant and it takes quite a bit to make it on the list. She had to have every test you can imagine on every part of her body to make sure she would be healthy enough to go through such an extremely procedure. That takes months and then if you pass everything, you are placed on the list for a new heart. And you can be listed for months, even years, and still never get the organ. My mom was listed for only 9 days before it was her turn! That’s practically unheard of! I had just returned from my cruise and was in Miami for a few extra days to do a shoot. The morning of my shoot, I got the call that she was being prepped for surgery! I was freaking out but knew there wasn’t anything I could do except be positive and stay strong. It was too late to cancel my shoot and it wouldn’t have done any good, if I had jumped on the plane I still wouldn’t have gotten there to see her before her surgery or anything like that. So I did my shoot, I remained calm and then went straight to the airport afterwards. Then I got the call that the surgery had been a success! I knew she was in capable hands and that her body was strong so I wasn’t too worried that she wouldn’t make it but you never know…it was a 10 hour surgery.


9 days later…she is doing great! She is still in the hospital and they have to adjust her meds before she can come home…she will have to take anti rejection pills for the rest of her life since the body will always want to reject her new heart. Her body sees it as a foreign object and will try and destroy it if she doesn’t have the correct amounts of medication. It amazes me that modern medicine allows for such a thing to take place. I still can’t grasp the fact that she has the heart of another human being beating inside of her chest…it’s like crazy sci-fi shit!!  I also am beyond grateful for the donor and the donor’s family. We don’t know who they are and we may never know. But I feel sad that they lost a loved one even though it saved my mom’s life. It’s a tough thing to swallow but I feel so blessed and lucky that she is alive!


So yes, I did go on a cruise..I almost forgot since things have been so insane! I flew down to Miami and did a couple of shoots before the ship left for the Caribbean. We went to Roatan, which is an island off of Honduras and to Cozumel…both were such beautiful places! The weather was awesome except for the first night, it rained and the ship was rather rocky. But then it cleared up and I spent the next day in the sun and drinking those fruity cocktails that I only drink on vacation : )  In Roatan we went to a beach bar and had some drinks and snorkeled right off of the beach. The reef was gorgeous and huge, saw lots of lovely fish and coral. Then in Cozumel we went to an all inclusive beach club…all you can eat, drink, snorkel, kayak, etc. Let’s say I took the all you can drink to heart! Ha! I got tanked! I also got a massage on the beach which was incredible. We got back on the ship and had to go to bed, woke up a couple of hours later and got some food and then crashed for the rest of the night. The last day was another sea day and I spent too much time in the sun…I got RED! Yikes. I put on gobs of sunscreen too. Anyway, it was a perfect trip and I can’t wait to do it again!


Thanks for all of the votes during the Miss FreeOnes contest..I made it to the final round in Best Cam Girl and Best OCSM…I didn’t place but I did much better than last year so thanks a million for all of the love and support! I’ll be on my cam later today so come see why I am one of the top cam models out there!


Here are some photos from my trip and from recent updates on! Enjoy!






Vote For Me!!

Hi guys! It’s that time of year again, the Miss FreeOnes contest! I would love to win Best Cam Girl and I need your help! Please vote for me daily and if you sign up for a free account at FreeOnes, then your vote counts more and of course helps me out extra. I am also in the running for Best OCSM and those of you on FreeOnes already know that I am a very active member of the forum and community and it would be amazing to be recognized for that. If I happen to win anything, the money will go right towards making more porn for your viewing pleasure and I will also have some FREE videos for everyone to see! So please throw some votes my way! If you haven’t already discovered FreeOnes, you are missing out on some great FREE porn! Hope to see everyone on the message boards over there! Cheers!

















A Quick Hello!

What’s up everyone? Sorry that I’ve been MIA on here lately! The time just slips away from me I guess. I hope 2013 is off to a good start for everyone…it’s going well for me and I don’t have any complaints so far. That’s definitely a plus!

I have been hitting the gym hard! Getting rid of these holiday pounds and then some! Except the more I workout the more I have to watch what I do in terms of my various foot is acting up again as well as my elbow. Ice is my friend! And Advil : )

A few months ago, I got my Zumba instructor license and I now have a job teaching class! Haven’t started the class yet but I am very excited about it! I want to show others how much fun fitness can be, if you enjoy good music and dancing, then Zumba is the best workout. It’s so much fun that it doesn’t even feel like a workout. But it definitely is!

Going on a cruise next month…hells yeah baby! I can’t wait to thaw out in the tropical sunshine. We’ve had out fair share of snow this winter and I’m about ready for it to be over with. So you know I’ll have tons of candid pics posted on the website after my trip : )

For those of you who want to try a photo set of a video of mine, I now have a store on! You can use your credits or purchase.

Also, don’t miss me LIVE on!

If you want to treat me to a little something for Valentine’s day, here is my wish list! I treat back!

Here are some sexy pics from the website!!! Enjoy!








Happy New Year!!!

It’s 2013! Whooppee! I always love the new year, I feel so motivated and ready to start new challenges. This year is no different, 2012 was a rough go with everything that happened to my mom. Actually, the week before Christmas she ended up in the hospital again with another blood clot.  We weren’t sure if she was going to need surgery and luckily, she didn’t. The meds dissolved the clot and after a week she was back home..she actually was discharged on Christmas day so that was an incredible gift to us all! We had a nice, mellow family holiday and it was very enjoyable. I ended up getting into the spirit and made some goodies…Oreo balls, Red Velvet cake balls, and gingerbread cookies…can’t have Christmas without treats!

I wish I had some crazy NYE stories to write about but I don’t…I had family in town so we had a nice dinner out and drank champagne and watched the ball drop. It was very chill and exactly what I needed after the hospital ordeal with my mom. I wasn’t hung over at all on New Years Day so I went to the gym to get that first workout in…felt awesome to kick 2013 off the healthy way! Then I was totally lazy the rest of the afternoon…watched football, played with my dogs and took a nap. Exactly what I wanted and needed.

Let’s talk resolutions..I have a few. First, I want to continue with my healthy eating and exercise routine. Ideally I do 6 days per week but 5 is acceptable if need be. With all the traveling I did this fall and being sick, I slipped from that and the scale showed. My clothes are also tighter. But hell, I’ve been here before so I know exactly what to do to get back to where I want to be again. I still have my elbow injury so I am limited on what my upper body can do but I really want to build back some of the muscle that I have lost. Another change I want to make is to be better organized. I am a scatter brain! Organized chaos! I believe that I have ADD on some level and I deal with it every day. But I need to make a schedule and just stick to that. It works best for me but I have veered away from it. Lastly, I am going to read more in 2013. I’ve already read 2 books! I am a fast reader so it wasn’t that difficult. I go on reading binges where I will read a ton and then I won’t touch a book for months. Now that I own an iPad, it makes it easier to have a bunch of good books on hand. So that’s that…what are your resolutions for 2013?

I’m still live almost every day on! Come check me out, it’s free to sign up! Also, multiple updates happen weekly on! You know you want to join! Do it! Do it! ; )

Here are some pics from recent site updates! Enjoy and I hope 2013 is an amazing year for us all!




12/12/12 and Some Q and A

It’s 12/12/12. Not again in our lifetime will we see a date like that. Seems weird to think about it.

The holidays are here again…which means I am supposed to be baking my ass off. And I’m not. I haven’t made a single cookie or treat yet. I will, I am just not into it right now. Maybe I need a little snow to put me in the mood! But just a little dusting, not a huge blizzard or anything.

Since it’s the season of giving, I am doing an auction for one of my favorite charities. It’s for Last Day Dog Rescue and it’s the rescue organization that I adopted my Ziggy boy from. It’s been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever done and I am so appreciative for all that they do to help my furry friends. I am auctioning off a big box of goodies..kind of a grab bag if you will…it’s going to include DVDs, magazines, autographed pics, panties, and some other goodies. The more you give the more stuff you’ll get! I’m really excited to do this! I’ll also donate my own money so they’ll get a nice chunk of change. Here’s where you can bid:,AuctionDetails/pid,43769


I asked on Twitter for you to submit some questions for me to answer here in my blog. Well I got some odd ones and some off the wall ones but here are a few good questions and my responses:

Do you have kids or do you want any?

I don’t have any children. Mine are of the four legged variety : ) As for wanting them, I still don’t know if I do. Part of me does and part of me doesn’t. I know I am in my 30s so I need to figure it out somewhat soon. And I can’t imagine how HUGE my tits would get…argh!

Do you big boobs cause you pain?

Sometimes they do. I workout quite a bit and have been focusing a lot on my back and my abs and core to help with this. I was in a car accident 10 years ago and jacked up my back and broke some ribs and that causes more back pain than my boobs do.

Do you ever get sick of the stereotypes in your business?

Sure. But I honestly don’t care what anyone else thinks of me so it doesn’t bother me very much. There are plenty of girls in the biz who weren’t molested, went to college and aren’t on drugs. I’m a college grad, come from a good family and don’t touch drugs. I’m myself and that’s all that I care about.

Chocolate or vanilla?

If we are just talking about food here…I do both ways ; ) Vanilla ice cream for sure!


That’s all the questions for now but if you have one, tweet it to me or email it to me:

Here are some recent site updates…and there’s a LIVE show tonight at 9PM EST..FREE for members to watch! Others can view on

Happy Holidays!



I’m Back!!

Well it’s been a month since my last blog…sorry about that! But quite a bit has happened. Before I went to Hawaii, I was sick on and off for a few weeks. My allergies have been acting up this fall and finally the doctor gave me some meds to knock everything out of my system before my big trip.

Hawaii was AMAZING!!! Ahhh what I would give to go back there right this second!! I love the Big Island, it’s my favorite place in the entire world. There’s something so special and mystical about it to me, it’s truly unlike any other place on the planet. It’s the only place in the world that has every eco system. There’s desert, rain forest, even snow! I spent the week on the Kohala coast at my favorite resort. Our room had a kick ass view and I spent every morning watching the sunrise on the lanai with my cup of Kona coffee….yes, I was up that early! It was a 5 hour time difference for me so I was in bed early and up early..but there’s SO much to do and see that you don’t want to waste a moment of daylight. We did some exploring…took some drives up and down the coasts and just took in all of the lovely sights. I could spend months there and do something different every single day. I spent my fair share of time at the pool and on the beach, lounging in the sun and reading…and having some fruity cocktails of course! I normally don’t drink those kind of drinks but when I’m on vacation, especially in Hawaii…just gotta have a Mai Tai : )  Calories don’t count on vacation anyway! Haha I wish that were true. I did workout while I was there, the resort had bikes you could ride so I rode one to the fitness center and got my sweat on to start the day. The food was superb and very expensive, but I knew that because I had been there before. I don’t mind shelling out money for a good meal…or two, or three : ) When it was all over, I was so sad, I didn’t want my time in paradise to end. But I was dying to see my pups! I always miss them like crazy when I’m away. The flight home was brutal..we didn’t leave the island until 11:45PM and it was a 6 hour flight to Phoenix. Luckily, I slept almost the entire way. Then there was a layover and then another 4 hour flight back to Michigan. My dogs went nuts when I picked them up!

Spent most of the weekend sleeping and catching up on a few things. I was ready to get back on track on Monday but when I was walking my dogs, they pulled me in a weird way and I sprained my finger. I thought I had fractured it because it bent back in an unnatural way but luckily that wasn’t the case. But it got nice and swollen and purple. The doctor gave me a splint and told me to ice it, etc. If that wasn’t enough, a few days later I got horribly sick…awful upper respiratory infection that also went into my sinuses. I spent 5 days in bed, which is highly unusual for me. I am finally feeling much better, except I have a lingering cough that won’t quite go away.

So…December is going to be a fabulous month! I am going to be healthy! I am going to get back on my workout schedule! I am going to enjoy the holidays! Positive thinking is the way to go : )

I am going to leave you with some photos from my trip and a few from recent website updates.

Also, some of you ask about sending me a holiday gift. Here’s a link to my wishlist and if you give me something, I sent you s sexy gift in return!

I’m going to be live this afternoon on so come say hi!!

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I love to dress up so here are some pics from the site of me doing just that! Always something fun and exciting to look forward to! Going to keep this short and sweet, not feeling very well and I have a lot to do before I go to Hawaii next week..gotta feel my best for that! Love you guys!