Happy November!

How the hell is it already November??? Seriously, it freaks me out how quickly time has been passing lately. I know they say as you get older, time goes by faster but come on, I feel like summer barely existed this year! I guess that shows how busy I’ve been!

Regarding my previous post, I ended up taking Runner Up for the Miss Free Ones Best Cam Girl contest! I was in second place the entire time and held it, of course winning would have been sweeter but to be 2nd out of hundreds of girls that entered is a pretty amazing feeling. It shows that all of the hard work that I do every single day doesn’t go unnoticed and is even appreciated by some of you : ) To those of you who voted for me, thank you so much! Next year we’ll make it to #1 though right? ; )

So what’s new with me? I think you guys have seen me joke about being a workaholic in previous posts and on Twitter. It’s tough not to be when I have so many different projects going on and I’m responsible for them all. But I was starting to obsess about work, I wasn’t making time for my friends anymore or doing a lot of things that I enjoy. Which is crazy when you think about it because one reason I love doing what I do is that I am in charge of my schedule and can be as flexible as I want. I was saying that but when it came down to it, I had created this set schedule for myself and I became kind of fixated on hitting all of my goals not matter what. I guess it’s great that I have such determination and drive and all that. But it was costing me a lot in terms of happiness, peace and health. Without getting too personal, some things happened this summer that made me realize that I needed to pull back and devote more time to myself. I was headed for a horrible burn out and I’m so grateful that it was stopped before it got to the point where it could have. I’ve really started paying attention to what I need and letting myself have it..whether it be a nap, time to write, dinner with friends, more time playing with my dogs. I’ve spend quite a bit of time just sitting and being. I’ve also started practicing some meditation and yoga and both of those activities have helped me feel more sense of inner peace. I’m not really working less, I’m much more flexible with my schedule and I admit it’s tough but the pay off is great. I wanted to share this with you because we all get so busy and wrapped up with other people’s lives that sometimes we forget about our own. We all need to take care of ourselves first and foremost or we aren’t going to be good to anybody else.

On to some promotion! Check out of Clips4Sale store, it’s updated regularly and has lots of variety and I am always adding new stuff.  http://clips4sale.com/64319 Also, I am still camming regularly on  http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com/, you can check out my schedule on my profile page, I keep it up to date. Come see why I am the #2 cam girl this year! Check out my Tumbler for naughty pics! http://maximummaggie.tumblr.com

And some new stuff!! I’ve been offering custom videos for years now but this site makes it a breeze to order one! Just select what type of video, how long and send me a storyline. You don’t pay until I upload the clip to you via the site.  I enjoy making customs for my fans! http://www.customs4u.com/customs/maggie-green

Another very cool thing that I am doing…sexting! You buy my real phone number and we can text back and forth, you can even get naughty pics from me, right from my phone taken just for you!  This has been SO much fun to do so far, I really love it! https://www.sextpanther.com/maggie-green/

I’m leaving you with some recent pics from the website! Have a great week everyone! XOXO

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