So Sleepy

Good morning! I’m saying this after a shitty night of sleep : (  I hate it when that happens because it truly puts a damper on my day. All the coffee in the world can’t help me! But hey, at least I woke up today, right?!

So I did go down to Miami. However my trip was cut short, I was only there for two days instead of six. Long story but there’s some crazy crap going on in the biz right now so I am going back down there in a couple of weeks after it’s all cleared up. I spent all of Monday flying, shot all day Tuesday, and then was back on the plane Wednesday morning. That shit wiped me out! I got home Wednesday evening and I was just exhausted. The traveling does it to me more than anything else, just the layovers and the waiting around. So it took me a couple of days to recover from that. I was sort of glad to be back early because I needed to get ahead on my editing for my website content and it allowed me to do that. Tomorrow evening, I’m headed back up to the lake for Labor Day weekend…I seriously have no idea how it’s Labor Day already! The summer FLEW by, I think with having my mom in the hospital all through July really made it seem almost nonexistent. But this is my favorite time of year, the end of summer and the start of autumn. The weather is more my speed, I hate sweating!

If you guys haven’t seen my live on my webcam, you’re really missing out! I say this because it really gives you a chance to see my personality and get to know me. I love being able to interact with my fans from all over the world and it’s amazing seeing how many people out there support me. And then we can follow each other on twitter and chat even more : )  Of course, I don’t only like to chat on cam..hehehe..of course I get naughty and freaky too! I’ll be online later today and I have a show at 9PM EST that’s free for website members!  Don’t miss me!

I’m already pumped about seeing my girl Brianna Jordan in Vegas! It’s coming up October : ) You have no idea how crazy we’ll get! I love her to death, she’s become one of my best friends : ) It’s not every day that you meet someone who you click with on that level, especially when you’re in this business. Anyways, can’t wait! And then in 70 days I’ll be in freaking Hawaii!!

Here are some pics…a couple of the lake that I go to and some of me and Brianna as well as a few others. You don’t wanna miss Friday’s video update where Brianna keeps me in a dog cage! Woof! LOL! Peace guys!




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