Happy May!

May is here which means it’s almost gardening time! I enjoy gardening but am quite new at it, I learned a lot last year so I am looking forward to getting some new flowers and plants that i know will do well in my yard. As long as the dogs don’t trample them that is! I’ve been pulling weeds and getting stuff prepped so when I come back from vacation, I can get planting : )

And I leave in 2 DAYS for my cruise!! I can’t express enough how much I NEED this vacation! You guys know from my blog and twitter how difficult this year has been for me so far, it’s literally been the most challenging and trying time of my life. So the fact that I get to get away from it all for a week is pure bliss to me! Which means my next blog will be full of pics from the Caribbean and of course some bikini pics too : ) All the photos will be in the members area of the website so you don’t want to miss that! I’m telling you, I don’t care about anything…the weather, the food, nothing but resting and relaxing and just taking time to breathe. So I know already that it’s going to be a great trip!

I’m feeling better and back in the gym full swing this week…whew it’s hard when you miss! But I’m gritting my teeth and reaching down deep, I don’t give up and I certainly don’t wimp out. I’m a tough chick in every sense of the word and I’m proving that to myself more and more. I love being physically strong, it gives me a high like nothing else can. When I return from the cruise, I want to refocus on building more upper body strength.

I’m leaving you with some photos…some candids of me and some from recent site updates. And make sure to play with me on http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com ¬†XOXOXOXO

One thought on “Happy May!”

  1. Can’t wait to see your updates in a few weeks when you tell us that you’re as strong as an ox from all your working out. Hahaha.

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