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What up peeps? I had a lovely weekend at the lake with my girls! So much fun! It was also very chill…lots of lounging around and chit chatting and drinking wine. Right up my alley! Phyllis enjoyed it, she loves being up there probably more than I do! The only thing that sucked was that the weekend had to end. The good thing is that I will be back up there in 9 days so I can’t complain too much! I have some friends getting married in the Cleveland area next weekend and since it’s also my birthday, we decided to make a little road trip out of it. On Friday we’ll drive to Cleveland and maybe go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before having a nice dinner. Then Saturday morning we will drive about an hour away to the wedding, which is going to be quite the affair. Should be very fancy…and also fun! Then Sunday morning we’ll make the drive up to the lake, which will be about a 7 hour trip. I’ll be up at the lake for an entire week! I am really looking forward to seeing my family and relaxing. Everyone needs a little of that!

I’ve been back on my workout routine for a few weeks and I’m so much happier. It really makes a difference in my mood…and also how my clothes fit! I’m doing 5-6 days/week, at least 60 minutes per session. And tough workouts too…not just walking for an hour, but not that there’s anything wrong with that. I like to keep challenging myself. Also, I’ve been sticking to eating mostly plant based foods and I can honestly say when I do that, I feel incredible! My skin looks amazing, the best it has in forever! I have more energy, fewer stomach issues, and my allergies and runny nose seem to be much better. I think it’s because of hardly having any dairy products, it must have decreased the amount of mucous or something. What do I eat, you might ask. Lots of veggies and fruits, soy milk and soy yogurt, beans,potatoes, quinoa, couscous, pasta, lentils, nuts, nut butter…the list goes on and on. I’ve been tracking my protein and other nutrients and I was surprised to find that I’ve had more than enough protein without any animal products at all. Virtually every food has a bit of protein in it so really is pretty easy to get enough of it in your diet. Actually, the average American gets 3 to 4 time as much protein as they need on a daily basis. I never knew that before! I haven’t fully become a veggie, I did have some chicken and crab in the past 2 weeks. Also I have had a few slices of cheese but that’s it. But I think my intention is to fully give up meat of any kind.

Let’s see, what else? I am still hanging out on Streamate a lot so come find me if you haven’t already! http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com Make sure you check out the site because it’s updated 4-5 times per week! Next week is a hot solo set that Jelena Jensen shot of me! Then the week after is my first set with bootylicious Kelly Divine! Holy fuck, it was HOT!

Here’s some photos of me enjoying the lake! XOXO


2 thoughts on “Random Stuff”

  1. hi Maggie, would love to see some vids on your site with mastrubation instruction and sex simulation with you riding on top. Another thing that would be great would be fetish stuff like you with a strap-on dancing in front of the camera. Hope you listen to your fans and can do some new material.

  2. baby-doll crush and facesitting would also be great to see!
    do you erase all your comments on the blog? how come you do that?

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