What Winning Best Cam Girl Really Means To Me

Hey everyone!! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged! Crazy! But hopefully most of you follow me on Twitter and can see what I’m up to on a day to day basis so you know that this has been a extremely busy year for me. Between my site, web camming, my Clips4Sale store, auctions, shoots, custom videos and other random things, the days/weeks/months literally fly by for me. So how it’s the end of September already just puzzles the fuck out me!

One big thing that I’d like to share with you and it’s something that I need YOUR help with! Every year, FreeOnes has the Miss FreeOnes contest and this year I am a finalist in the Best Cam Girl category!! Rounds 1 and 2 of the contest have already ended and I hung in second place the entire time..except for the first few hours of the contest when I started out in first place. Now it’s Round 3, the final round, and I have a shot at winning the title! Round 3 is a blind round, meaning we no longer know which contestant is in which place so this is where I truly need your votes! But I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and camming…

I’ve been a webcam girl on and off for years. Not many people know this but long before I was Maggie Green, I was a cam model on a site when the internet connection was still dial up for the majority of people. I saw an episode of Real Sex and for the first time, I learned what a cam girl was and I immediately though that it sounded intriguing. And when I moved out to Los Angeles, I found myself working out of a cam studio in the valley for a few months. It was interesting to say the least, this was back in the day before there wasn’t even sound so both parties had to type back and forth and there was typically a 4-5 minute lag! After 9/11 hit, the economy went to shit and I definitely felt the effects, I wasn’t making enough to really cover my bills so I abandoned camming and started bar tending instead. But I loved to think about the unique stories that I had as a result of being a cam model.

Fast forward years later..I began modeling and Maggie Green was born. Once I launched my website, I started to offer live webcam shows for my members and I also started camming on another site once and awhile. I tried a few sites, always enjoying what I was doing for the most part but I knew there could be so much more to it. I knew that there had to be a place for me in the cam world, a site where I felt that I fit in.

Then I was introduced to Streamate. I had heard wonderful things from a few other porn stars and cam girls and decided to give it a shot. Pretty much immediately I knew this was where I wanted to be! I loved the environment and the faster pace, more shows and better money. I didn’t know what would come of it but I knew that if I put in the hard work , it had the potential to be amazing.

In the winter of 2012, my mother almost died of a massive heart attack. I blogged about it back then but to make a very long and complicated story as short as I can, she was hospitalized for 3 months and had 5 major surgeries over the course of 18 months..the last one being a heart transplant. It was during that time that I really started to become thankful for camming. I mean, I could still spend hours at the hospital with my family yet work when I was able to and make enough money to pay my bills. I didn’t have a boss telling me I only had X amount of time I could be away from work or that I had to be anywhere at a certain time. Those months were exhausting but I became so grateful that being a cam model provided me this flexibility that I so badly needed. I began to really see how blessed I was to have a job like camming and that’s when I started to take it more seriously. I began to cam more and saw my placement on the site rise up to the top. I never expected that I would get there but I did!

Today, I am filled with gratitude, happiness and the feeling of being blessed every day. I know how lucky I am to be a successful cam model and I do not take it for granted. It’s not an easy job by any means but it has taught me things like self discipline and patience. It’s become a stress outlet for me now as well. I’ve been going through some very difficult personal issues over the summer and I believe camming has helped me immensely. Because once I put on my make up, did my hair and got in front of that webcam, I was able to feel like things were normal in my life even on days when they were not. Being able to be that fantasy girl is also a fantasy for me. I love that one show I might be doing a role play about being the naughty MILF next door and then the next show is a man who wants me to make fun of his tiny penis and call him names. I never know what’s going to happen next and while that can be stressful and annoying at times, it sure makes for an eventful day. When a fan comes in my chat room and tells me he has been a fan for 10 years and remembers when I was a Sports By Brooks Girl, my face lights up. Or when someone has a shitty day and tells me that for those 15 minutes, I took his mind off of real life, that makes me feel good too.

Yes, there is a monetary prize for this contest. The Best Cam Girl takes home $2,000. And who wouldn’t be happy with that? But to me, this means SO much more. I would be honored to win because to be recognized  in such a way for something that I truly love to do would be incredible. Years ago, camming was mainly about the money for me. But it’s grown into so much more than that, it has given me much more than a nice living. It’s helped me become more disciplined, organized and less judgmental of people. It has taught me about kink and fetishes and the deep dark sexual desires of the human mind. It’s made me more patient and most important of all, more accepting of myself.

If you’ve actually read all of this and would still like to vote for me..here’s how!!

Go here: http://www.freeones.com/html/m_links/Maggie_Green/

Now, you can vote without an account but if you do have a FreeOnes account, your vote counts 4 TIMES more! It takes just a few seconds to sign up, it’s totally free and no credit card or anything needed. Here’s the sign up link:


Voting can be done once per day, please vote daily! The contest ends on September 30th I believe.



Thanks for reading and to those of you who support me, I can’t be thankful enough!!