Will Spring Ever Come????



photo-1Greeting from the snowy freezing cold tundra..otherwise known as Michigan!! This has been by far the worst winter we have ever had here, record snow falls and sub zero temps. Yeah, we have winter every year and of course snow comes along with the territory but the winter of 2014 will no doubt go down in history. I think we have had over 7 feet of snow and hardly any of it has melted, usually we have snow followed by some warmer spells where everything thaws but not this time. It’s March 4th and we are due for more snow today, when will it end?


Luckily, I was able to escape the bitterness for some time…I just got back from a week in LA and a couple of days in the Miami area where I got to thaw out! Sure, I was shooting almost every day but it was so nice to be able to wear flip flops and regular clothes. I had this fantasy in my mind that everything would warm up and melt while I was away and I would return to trees budding and birds singing…but nope, that did not happen. Had a great trip to LA! I stayed with my very good friend Jelena Jensen, who I am sure you all know. She’s been a friend of mine for about 8 years I think, possibly more, and she is also my webmaster. She took excellent care of me…she’s a fabulous cook and her home is nice and welcoming. While I was there, I did a couple of shoot days for maximummaggie.com as well as shot for Immoral Live and ATK. I was all set to fly back to Michigan when my agent called and asked if I could head down to Miami for a couple of days for Reality Kings. Stuff always comes up very last minute in this business which is difficult for me since I don’t operate that way at all. I like schedules and knowing in advance when I will be shooting. But I had to be flexible and go with the flow..plus two more days of warmth was not to be passed up! I’m very glad that I did though, I love working with RK especially the crew in FL…very nice and very organized.


Now I’m back and it’s still horribly cold, yesterday it was 6 degrees when I went to the gym. However, I get to leave again in 3 weeks and this time to go on vacation! Another cruise to the Caribbean, this will be my third one! SO excited and I feel that I’ve earned this trip 1000%!


I have to say, when I am gone I truly miss webcamming! It’s such a part of my life and I am so fortunate to be able to work from the comfort of my own home. I could not imagine traveling to LA every month when I can make a great living doing my own thing. Please come play with me some time on maggiegreen.cammodels.com and see what all of the hype is about : )


Leaving you with a few new pics from the site and some selfies : ) Keep warm everyone! If you’re already in a place that’s warm, well I hate you. Sort of : )

Lots of Love,