Special Holiday Raffle to Benefit My Favorite Charity!! Please Read!!

Hi everyone! I hope my American friends all enjoyed Thanksgiving this year! I sure did…I started the day off right with a two hour workout before cooking the turkey dinner and basically lounging around all day. I even took a nap which felt so decadent and indulgent : ) I needed it! I also took yesterday off..not to go shopping or anything, I actually despise Black Friday…but to relax and get the house decorated for the holidays. I need to give myself more downtime and that’s definitely a NY resolution for me.

For the past few years, I have done something to donate to my favorite charity, it is so near and dear to my heart. It’s called the Last Day Dog Rescue. In September 2011, I adopted my little boy Ziggy from them and it has forever changed my world. This was the first time I have ever rescued a dog, my other dog Phyllis came from a breeder as a puppy. I had no idea how amazing an experience it would be to watch Ziggy go from a needy nervous pup to a relaxed and confident dog. Last Day Dog Rescue pulled Ziggy from a high kill shelter and he was actually going to be sold to a research facility. Yes, some states still do that and there are tears in my eyes as I write this. He was so loving from the get go but I could tell he was always worried about being left, he would follow me from room to room and had a hard time leaving my side. But after he got settled and learned what a real home was going to be like, he became more independent and now he can take a nap upstairs if I am downstairs and doesn’t come to the bathroom with me every time I go : ) He’s been great for Phyllis and keeps her young, they snuggle and play and love each other. And he’s been great for me too, he’s very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and there’s nothing more comforting than when he curls up on my lap every night. Not just every night but every second he gets!

If I could give Last Day Dog rescue the world, I would do it! They have expanded and grown and have rescued hundreds of dogs, many of them seniors and mothers with newborn pups. They need help! I make donations to them through out the year but I wanted to do something special for the holidays.

So here is what I thought of: I am doing a raffle. At the end of December, I am going to raffle off my biggest surprise box ever! There will be DVDs, magazines, autographed photos, panties, stockings, and much much more! If I get a lot of entires, I will throw in a Skype show or custom video! I may even throw in some home baked goodies and other non porn related items! I can’t wait to be creative with this!

Here is how it will work…you can donate money to them via Paypal or even send them a check. Or you can buy items from their Amazon wish list. You need to send me proof of your donation, a screen shot of the Paypal receipt, same with the Amazon receipt, etc. Every $10 you donate equals one raffle ticket. Every single dollar will go to them as you are donating to them directly and I will pay for shipping for the winning box of goodies out of own pocket.

Also, everyone who donates $10 gets a personal holiday card from me and an autographed photo! If you don’t want to receive something physically in the mail, I will email you a free video or some photos.

I am doing this anonymously so when you donate, please do not write anything about Maggie Green or a raffle, etc as they won’t know what it is.

Here are some links:
http://www.lastdaydogrescue.org/ Their homepage, check them out!
http://amzn.com/w/3TKXYEBAFM2VH Their Amazon wish list, anything purchased will be directly sent to them
http://www.lastdaydogrescue.org/info/display?PageID=11942 This page has the link to donate to their Paypal

I REALLY hope we can raise some money for this amazing cause. Please help out some animals in need and get some sexy things from me while doing it!

Leaving you with some photos of my Ziggy…there are plenty more through out my blog. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Any questions please email maggie@maximummaggie.com!

Love always,