Blah. Blah. Blah. Meh.

can_iPhone6_43Does the title give you any clue how I’m feeling? Right now I have pink eye in both of my eyes, it really fucking hurts and is very annoying. Hopefully these antibiotic drops are going to knock it out fast. I’ve already been suffering for a week now, thought it was allergies but then went back to the doctor. This shit better work b/c I’m starting to get very ragey about it!

I got back from L.A. a couple of weeks ago…wow, what a trip! I shot almost every single day except for one. Exhausting! Some morning I had to get up at 5:30 or 6 to make sure I was to set on time, I had to drive over an hour for a couple of locations and I detest driving in LA. It’s not fun, people. But I survived, had a great time, met lots of cool and sexy people and shot amazing scenes! I came home exhausted and got tonsillitis the last day on my trip, my allergies have been horrific this year and they were crazy in California. I was taking my meds but on one set, there was quite a bit of smoke and that definitely set me off. Luckily, my doctor knows to prescribe me steroids and that takes the swelling down fast. But this eye thing is a bitch, I must say. It has prevents me from camming very much this week…arrghh and I miss it! I was supposed to be going up to the lake this weekend but alas, the pink eye is preventing me from my long weekend away. The main reason is that it’s not safe for me to be around my mom, who had a heart transplant just two months ago. Her immune system is extremely weak due to the medication so we can’t take any chances that she might catch an kind of infection. I guess it’s fine, the weather isn’t good boat weather yet so at least that’s making me feel a little better about missing out. So I’ve been sitting her all day writing tweets, editing content and answering emails. Then I remembered I haven’t blogged in about a month…bad girl!

Fuck, I wanted to go into all of these details about my trip and my shoots but I am too tired from the meds I am to concentrate. So here are a few pics, the two big boob blondes in the pics with me are Kelly Madison and Karen Fisher. The rest are from sets that I shot for I will blog again soon when I’m more functional!!
Love ya,