Happy New Year!!!

It’s 2013! Whooppee! I always love the new year, I feel so motivated and ready to start new challenges. This year is no different, 2012 was a rough go with everything that happened to my mom. Actually, the week before Christmas she ended up in the hospital again with another blood clot. ¬†We weren’t sure if she was going to need surgery and luckily, she didn’t. The meds dissolved the clot and after a week she was back home..she actually was discharged on Christmas day so that was an incredible gift to us all! We had a nice, mellow family holiday and it was very enjoyable. I ended up getting into the spirit and made some goodies…Oreo balls, Red Velvet cake balls, and gingerbread cookies…can’t have Christmas without treats!

I wish I had some crazy NYE stories to write about but I don’t…I had family in town so we had a nice dinner out and drank champagne and watched the ball drop. It was very chill and exactly what I needed after the hospital ordeal with my mom. I wasn’t hung over at all on New Years Day so I went to the gym to get that first workout in…felt awesome to kick 2013 off the healthy way! Then I was totally lazy the rest of the afternoon…watched football, played with my dogs and took a nap. Exactly what I wanted and needed.

Let’s talk resolutions..I have a few. First, I want to continue with my healthy eating and exercise routine. Ideally I do 6 days per week but 5 is acceptable if need be. With all the traveling I did this fall and being sick, I slipped from that and the scale showed. My clothes are also tighter. But hell, I’ve been here before so I know exactly what to do to get back to where I want to be again. I still have my elbow injury so I am limited on what my upper body can do but I really want to build back some of the muscle that I have lost. Another change I want to make is to be better organized. I am a scatter brain! Organized chaos! I believe that I have ADD on some level and I deal with it every day. But I need to make a schedule and just stick to that. It works best for me but I have veered away from it. Lastly, I am going to read more in 2013. I’ve already read 2 books! I am a fast reader so it wasn’t that difficult. I go on reading binges where I will read a ton and then I won’t touch a book for months. Now that I own an iPad, it makes it easier to have a bunch of good books on hand. So that’s that…what are your resolutions for 2013?

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Here are some pics from recent site updates! Enjoy and I hope 2013 is an amazing year for us all!