12/12/12 and Some Q and A

It’s 12/12/12. Not again in our lifetime will we see a date like that. Seems weird to think about it.

The holidays are here again…which means I am supposed to be baking my ass off. And I’m not. I haven’t made a single cookie or treat yet. I will, I am just not into it right now. Maybe I need a little snow to put me in the mood! But just a little dusting, not a huge blizzard or anything.

Since it’s the season of giving, I am doing an auction for one of my favorite charities. It’s for Last Day Dog Rescue and it’s the rescue organization that I adopted my Ziggy boy from. It’s been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve ever done and I am so appreciative for all that they do to help my furry friends. I am auctioning off a big box of goodies..kind of a grab bag if you will…it’s going to include DVDs, magazines, autographed pics, panties, and some other goodies. The more you give the more stuff you’ll get! I’m really excited to do this! I’ll also donate my own money so they’ll get a nice chunk of change. Here’s where you can bid:



I asked on Twitter for you to submit some questions for me to answer here in my blog. Well I got some odd ones and some off the wall ones but here are a few good questions and my responses:

Do you have kids or do you want any?

I don’t have any children. Mine are of the four legged variety : ) As for wanting them, I still don’t know if I do. Part of me does and part of me doesn’t. I know I am in my 30s so I need to figure it out somewhat soon. And I can’t imagine how HUGE my tits would get…argh!

Do you big boobs cause you pain?

Sometimes they do. I workout quite a bit and have been focusing a lot on my back and my abs and core to help with this. I was in a car accident 10 years ago and jacked up my back and broke some ribs and that causes more back pain than my boobs do.

Do you ever get sick of the stereotypes in your business?

Sure. But I honestly don’t care what anyone else thinks of me so it doesn’t bother me very much. There are plenty of girls in the biz who weren’t molested, went to college and aren’t on drugs. I’m a college grad, come from a good family and don’t touch drugs. I’m myself and that’s all that I care about.

Chocolate or vanilla?

If we are just talking about food here…I do both ways ; ) Vanilla ice cream for sure!


That’s all the questions for now but if you have one, tweet it to me or email it to me:



Here are some recent site updates…and there’s a LIVE show tonight at 9PM EST..FREE for members to watch! Others can view on www.maggiegreen.cammodels.com

Happy Holidays!