I’m Back!!

Well it’s been a month since my last blog…sorry about that! But quite a bit has happened. Before I went to Hawaii, I was sick on and off for a few weeks. My allergies have been acting up this fall and finally the doctor gave me some meds to knock everything out of my system before my big trip.

Hawaii was AMAZING!!! Ahhh what I would give to go back there right this second!! I love the Big Island, it’s my favorite place in the entire world. There’s something so special and mystical about it to me, it’s truly unlike any other place on the planet. It’s the only place in the world that has every eco system. There’s desert, rain forest, even snow! I spent the week on the Kohala coast at my favorite resort. Our room had a kick ass view and I spent every morning watching the sunrise on the lanai with my cup of Kona coffee….yes, I was up that early! It was a 5 hour time difference for me so I was in bed early and up early..but there’s SO much to do and see that you don’t want to waste a moment of daylight. We did some exploring…took some drives up and down the coasts and just took in all of the lovely sights. I could spend months there and do something different every single day. I spent my fair share of time at the pool and on the beach, lounging in the sun and reading…and having some fruity cocktails of course! I normally don’t drink those kind of drinks but when I’m on vacation, especially in Hawaii…just gotta have a Mai Tai : ) ┬áCalories don’t count on vacation anyway! Haha I wish that were true. I did workout while I was there, the resort had bikes you could ride so I rode one to the fitness center and got my sweat on to start the day. The food was superb and very expensive, but I knew that because I had been there before. I don’t mind shelling out money for a good meal…or two, or three : ) When it was all over, I was so sad, I didn’t want my time in paradise to end. But I was dying to see my pups! I always miss them like crazy when I’m away. The flight home was brutal..we didn’t leave the island until 11:45PM and it was a 6 hour flight to Phoenix. Luckily, I slept almost the entire way. Then there was a layover and then another 4 hour flight back to Michigan. My dogs went nuts when I picked them up!

Spent most of the weekend sleeping and catching up on a few things. I was ready to get back on track on Monday but when I was walking my dogs, they pulled me in a weird way and I sprained my finger. I thought I had fractured it because it bent back in an unnatural way but luckily that wasn’t the case. But it got nice and swollen and purple. The doctor gave me a splint and told me to ice it, etc. If that wasn’t enough, a few days later I got horribly sick…awful upper respiratory infection that also went into my sinuses. I spent 5 days in bed, which is highly unusual for me. I am finally feeling much better, except I have a lingering cough that won’t quite go away.

So…December is going to be a fabulous month! I am going to be healthy! I am going to get back on my workout schedule! I am going to enjoy the holidays! Positive thinking is the way to go : )

I am going to leave you with some photos from my trip and a few from recent website updates.

Also, some of you ask about sending me a holiday gift. Here’s a link to my wishlist and if you give me something, I sent you s sexy gift in return! http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/344XB1J6XDOB7

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