Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I love to dress up so here are some pics from the site of me doing just that! Always something fun and exciting to look forward to! Going to keep this short and sweet, not feeling very well and I have a lot to do before I go to Hawaii next week..gotta feel my best for that! Love you guys!

Let’s Go TIGERS!!

I love the Detroit Tigers!! My dad loves baseball so I grew up watching them on TV and when I moved back to Michigan from California, I became an even bigger fan. There’s something special about being at the ball park, not sure how to explain it but I enjoy the atmosphere. And the beer. And peanuts. Hehehe. The Tigers are playing the Giants in the World Series and are down 2-0. But the next three games are back in the D so I KNOW they can pull pull it off!! Just hoping for a little well wishing from everyone reading this, maybe with enough positive vibes they can win some games!! I REALLY wanted to go to the game tomorrow but with my upcoming trip to Hawaii, I decided against spending that kind of money. I’ll be there in spirit of course! Let’s go boys!!

I Love Las Vegas!

Hi! I just got back from my Vegas trip on Monday and then I got sick so I’m finally getting back to my normal routine..whatever the hell that is these days! Vegas was amazing! I had such a great time! I go to Vegas quite frequently but it’s always for work and I never schedule myself any down time. So I decided that it was high time that I visit my bestie Brianna Jordan in Las Vegas for no reason other than to have some FUN : ) I did shoot for my website one day while I was there but it was an easy shoot and didn’t feel like too much work.

The next day, I went to spin class with Brianna to get a butt kicking workout before our night of splurging. We went to this incredible restaurant for dinner called Culinary Dropout which is located inside the Hard Rock. I had been hearing rave reviews so I was pleased when the food met my high expectations. We had the best ever potato chips and onion dip, pretzel ball fondue….soooo good! Plus wine and great entrees as well. We had to leave and go meet Taylor Stevens at the Fright Dome for some scary Halloween fun! Basically the carnival part of Circus Circus was transformed into a spooky dome of terror and there were 5 or 6 haunted houses. We went into 4 of them and it was a blast! Haven’t been to a haunted house in years and Vegas definitely knows what they’re doing. More fun than scary but I liked it. Taylor screamed the loudest of us all!

Saturday I slept in and ended up going to the gym later in the afternoon to lift weights. Then Brianna and I did a sexy live girl/girl show for our website members, did you see it? If not, you should have! The archive will be up on the site next week! That night we went to SW Steak at the Wynn which was delicious and had a lovely atmosphere. We sat outside by the waterfall and I had some of the best food that I’ve ever had in my life. Next, we headed up to the theater to see Le Reve, my first experience seeing a Cirque de Soliel show. I was completely captivated in every sense of the word. I can’t believe how fast those 90 minutes went by. I can’t even put into words what that show was like, it was beyond amazing to see such beauty and grace. The acrobatics were stunning and mind blowing! After the show we had a glass of wine and made our way home…too tired to go clubbing…plus our feet were killing from the high heels : ) Must be getting old…lol!

Sunday we went up to the mountains and had lunch. It was so refreshing and very serene. A totally different side of Vegas. Then we bummed around on Fremont Street where we discovered that you could go zip lining across the street! I had never been so we gave it a try and it was a blast! Would definitely love to do it again! Then we had another great…and decadent dinner. I think I gained a few pounds over the weekend for sure! Headed home on Monday and I came down with a sore throat and the sniffles. Luckily with rest and a lot of fluids, I’m feeling almost back to 100%. What a great trip! It was so cool to see another side of Vegas, didn’t even gamble at all. Now I have to get ready for Hawaii, I leave in 20 days!

Tomorrow is my Zumba instructor training…wish me luck! Here are some photos from recent site updates and from my trip!