Long Time, No Blog

Wow! It’s been WAY too long since I’ve blogged and I’m sorry about that!! I hate it when time just sort of slips by. As usual, I’ve been really busy.

If you follow me on twitter ( and if you don’t then why not? twitter.com/maximummaggie), then you know that my mother was in the hospital again. There was a problem with her LVAD and the doctors were pretty sure there was a blood clot…not good. However, things weren’t at a critical point so they tried to break up the clot with various blood thinners and other meds. A couple of weeks went by without improvement. Then overnight, things got worse and the doctors decided to do surgery and put in a new LVAD….which is a pump in her heart that actually functions for part of it. It was a long surgery…8 hours…and while everyone was confident that she’d be fine, you just never know. That surgery went well but then there was a build up of fluid in her leg so they had to take her back in and open her leg up to drain it. Thankfully she is much stronger than she was this winter when she was very sick so she is healing well and was up and walking a couple of days post surgery. My poor Mom had had 4 major surgeries in the last 6 months. They finally released her Saturday and she’s exhausted. Having someone in the hospital is very draining, even though she was feeling fine the entire time, it mentally takes a toll on everyone involved. I really hope that things stay quiet from now on and she can go back to getting on with her life. But the bottom line is that she will always have health problems, that’s just what happens when your heart doesn’t function properly. There is talk of a transplant but that’s a whole different story entirely and I’m not sure if that will ever happen. So for now, she’s doing well, she needs her rest but she’s home and can heal.

I was supposed to attend Adultcon in Los Angeles this past weekend but I didn’t stay because of my mom. I did have to fly out there and do some shoots, however. I shot a ton of content for maximummaggie.com, I am very excited for it all to be released and for you to see the hot pics and vids I made just for you…my kick ass fans! Traveling to LA is brutal for me…the time difference and the traffic kills me! The first day I was there, I shot with my bestie Brianna Jordan at a sweet house in porn valley : ) We had two photographers this time so we really banged it out…pun intended : )

Those are just a select few pics of some of the sets that I did! Don’t you love me as Indiana Jones!

The next day, we were absolutely exhausted so we had scheduled ourselves to sleep in a bit. Then we went to shoot with Cherie DeVille, a very sexy blonde with an amazing body…an ass to die for! Brianna had shot with her before but I had never met her and she was super sweet, a great chick to shoot with. Our scene was very sensual and passionate and I enjoyed it…to say the least! We also shot a g/g/g set in the pool! So sexy and amazing!

After we finished, Brianna and I had one last dinner together and she went back to Vegas while I switched hotels to be closer to the airport. I can’t explain how tired I was and I had to be at 6AM the next morning for my last shoot. The shoot was down town and I knew with traffic it could take me awhile to get where I was going. I was in bed and asleep before my head hit the pillow!

I was really excited for this shoot because it was in an interesting studio and I knew there was opportunity to get some different content. Everything went as planned…even better as planned! After I was done, I was too tired to do much of anything so I grabbed a salad at Whole Foods and some beer and checked in for the night. I slept over 10 hours! Which was awesome because I needed it for the long travel day ahead. I finally got home at 11:30 PM and my dogs were thrilled to see my smiling face : ) I spent all weekend trying to get back to normal, the jet lag got to me more than usual this time.

I am also going to leave you with some photos from recent site updates. I am supposed to go up to the lake this week so I have to finish unpacking and get packed again….I hate doing that! My birthday is August 4th and I always like to be there for it, what a perfect place to celebrate : ) So I will be sure to have lots of pics for you when I come back!