Let Summer Begin!!

Well, I know it’s not officially summer yet but to me, it starts with my first trip up to the lake over Memorial Day weekend. And this year it was an ultra special trip for two reasons….it was Ziggy’s first trip there and my mom’s first trip anywhere after almost dying this winter. Needless to say I was very anxious and excited! Ziggy is about 2 years old but he’s got the energy of a puppy and LOVES to be outside so I knew he was going to go crazy at the lake. He freaking LOVED it, just like I thought he would : ) He even swam and seemed to really enjoy the water. But given that he’s a mix of Lab, Cocker Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever and Australian Terrier (to name a few, I had a DNA test done on him), I figured he’d be a water dog. Had a great trip but did a lot of work helping my mom getting the house in order. It’s a summer home so we close it down for the winter and there’s quite a bit involved getting it ready for the season. More than I thought but with my mom not able to do as much, we had to help out more than ever and learn a lot. It was tiring but also relaxing…the weather was decent…not the best but I’ve had much worse for Memorial Day. Basically I spent my time working, reading, playing with the dogs, and of course I had to have some ice cold beer on the boat…wouldn’t be a proper lake trip without that! Even managed to get a couple of workouts in at a local gym, which I plan on joining for the summer. I refuse to let myself slack off too much this summer…I mean a little bit is OK but it can’t be outta control : ) So I’m back this week and then next weekend going back up to the lake once again…this is how summer is for me, lots of back and forth…could be worse, right?

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Ok, time to make some lunch. Talk to you soon!!