My Trip to Paradise!!!

So I’ve been back for a little over a week from my cruise. OMG…what an AMAZING trip it was! I have to say that I didn’t really have too many expectations because I hadn’t been on a cruise in about 20 years and I also didn’t care too much about anything except unwinding and relaxing which I knew I could do anywhere. Everything ended up being fantastic, I can’t think of anything I would change except the fact that my stomach was pissed off some of the time from too much booze….my own fault, hehehe. I don’t drink very much anymore and hardly ever drink hard alcohol so my system didn’t enjoy it. But I had such a wonderful time that I sucked it up and downed Pepto and ginger pills for a couple of days.

The ship set sail out of Miami and I could hardly wait to get on board. As soon as we did, we put our stuff in our cabin and went up to the Lido deck for cocktails and people watching. I got a Mai Tai and the bartender made it STONG. Nice buzz from that.

It was amazing to watch Miami disappear in the distance as we headed out to sea. The sun was shining and the breeze was perfect so we just enjoyed the view, and more drinks, for quite sometime. I won’t bore you with every detail but basically we had dinner and then listened to some live music in one of the lounges while drinking wine. I had told myself I wouldn’t drink too much on the first day but that idea went out the window…hahaha…big surprise there. But I had some steam to blow off! It’s been a rough year!

The next day I was a little hung over but not too bad. We had a full day at sea and it was another lovely day. Spent hours in the sun and had a couple of fruity cocktails…I never drink those things but I feel compelled to when on vacation. I started to finally feel relaxed, I think I forgot what it felt like. The sun got to be too much so I went for a stroll around the ship and gambled a little. Won $25 playing roulette…woohoo! After dinner we went to see a comedy show which was hilarious and then we hit the sing along piano bar for awhile before calling it a night. Had to be up in the morning to hang out in Jamaica!

I was excited for the day in Jamaica..we got a day pass to an all inclusive resort to spend the day by the pool and on the beach. Drinks and food were included but my stomach was not pleased so I only had one adult beverage. The jerk chicken was yummy! The weather was once again perfect and this was just the lazy day I had hoped for. But all of that laziness in the sun made me so sleepy so I had to take a nap when we got back on the ship.

The following day we went to Grand Cayman, which I was really excited about. I had never been there before and was dying to snorkel with the stingrays at Stingray Sandbar. It’s a sandbar that the fishermen used to come to to clean their fish and the rays learned to hang around for scraps of food. 50 years later, they are very docile and tame but it’s still their natural habitat, it’s not an exhibit or something like that. The guide told us how to act in the water with them and then we got to pet them, play with them, hold them and even feed them squid! Kissing them is good luck so I had to do that of course! After we finished that, we went to Rum Point beach for awhile which was just idyllic and looked like a postcard. Such an unforgettable day!

After the long day in the sun, I once again needed a nap! The next day was another sea day and the last one of the cruise. I was happy to spend it doing a whole lot of nothing…reading, resting, my stomach finally felt normal so I drank some cold beers…no more fruity sweet drinks for me, I think that’s what pissed my stomach off. One thing about the cruise was the fabulous people watching : ) That was one of my favorite parts. We also met some really cool people who I am already keeping in touch with. Didn’t expect to make friend on vacation : )

So now it’s back to reality. But this trip was exactly what I needed and left me refreshed and recharged. I’ve already been back to my normal gym schedule, I did gain a few pounds but only have one left to lose. It did make me realize how much I miss traveling to exotic places and I am already planning the next trip! But tomorrow I am leaving to head to the lake house…it will be Ziggy’s first time up there and that dog is gonna go bananas!

All the pics from the trip are going to be on the site very soon so don’t miss them! Thanks for reading…love you guys so much!



Happy May!

May is here which means it’s almost gardening time! I enjoy gardening but am quite new at it, I learned a lot last year so I am looking forward to getting some new flowers and plants that i know will do well in my yard. As long as the dogs don’t trample them that is! I’ve been pulling weeds and getting stuff prepped so when I come back from vacation, I can get planting : )

And I leave in 2 DAYS for my cruise!! I can’t express enough how much I NEED this vacation! You guys know from my blog and twitter how difficult this year has been for me so far, it’s literally been the most challenging and trying time of my life. So the fact that I get to get away from it all for a week is pure bliss to me! Which means my next blog will be full of pics from the Caribbean and of course some bikini pics too : ) All the photos will be in the members area of the website so you don’t want to miss that! I’m telling you, I don’t care about anything…the weather, the food, nothing but resting and relaxing and just taking time to breathe. So I know already that it’s going to be a great trip!

I’m feeling better and back in the gym full swing this week…whew it’s hard when you miss! But I’m gritting my teeth and reaching down deep, I don’t give up and I certainly don’t wimp out. I’m a tough chick in every sense of the word and I’m proving that to myself more and more. I love being physically strong, it gives me a high like nothing else can. When I return from the cruise, I want to refocus on building more upper body strength.

I’m leaving you with some photos…some candids of me and some from recent site updates. And make sure to play with me on ¬†XOXOXOXO