Things are Looking UP!

The big news…my mom came home from the hospital yesterday!!! After 70 days, she’s finally home!! I can’t express how relieved, happy and overwhelmed with emotions I am! Things are going to be very different for her and for my family, she has some limitations and is on a portable life support device called an LVAD. It’s a pump inside of her that pumps her heart since it doesn’t work properly. read my past blog entries to learn more if you want : ) But a couple of months ago I wasn’t sure if I would still have a mom so you can imagine how elated I am that she’s alive!!

I will still have to help her and my family quite a bit but the days at the hospital are over. I am still trying to get used to the idea that I don’t have to go there every day! I am starting to get my life back and it feels amazing! I started by having the entire house cleaned top to bottom…it was pretty dirty and messy but now it’s immaculate and what a refreshing feeling!! I tried to keep up with some of the house work but it was near impossible with all of thing other things that I had to do while my mom was in the hospital. What a relief!

Also, I am going on a Caribbean cruise in May! SO excited for that! I can’t wait to lounge by the pool, sip tropical drinks and rest on the beach. Oh and snorkel and stuff too! So finally things are looking up for me and it’s about time, there’s only so much shit you can take at once!

Here are some pics from recent web site updates, hope you enjoy!!! XOXO