What Really Matters In Life

Last time I blogged, I was getting ready to go to Vegas. I went, but was on a plane back home to Michigan just a couple of days after I arrived. My mother had a massive heart attack and underwent a quadruple bypass. She was in the ICU and was not doing well. It’s a long story but they also discovered she had advanced heart disease..she smokes, it runs in our family, and she hasn’t been the best at taking care of herself or eating right. One side of her heart wasn’t functioning at all so they had to put her on a heart pump to keep her alive. I knew some of this while in flight but not the entire story until I was safely grounded.

Walking into that hospital room was the worst thing I’ve ever done. Seeing my mom in a medically induced coma hooked up to a million machines and a ventilator was terrifying. I thought I was going to faint. The doctors weren’t sure if she was going to make it. I held her hand and talked to her, I was too numb to cry and in shock. The next day, she was still critical but stable, meaning she was doing well with the life support. A few days later, her condition had continued to improve and they were able to take her off of the breathing machine. Her voice was rough and hoarse but nothing had every sounded to beautiful to me. I was so relieved that she was alive and no damage was done to her brain.The doctors explained that the long term plan was to get her strong enough to undergo another surgery…one to install a permanent pump in her heart to beat for the side that no longer functions. I guess Dick Cheney has one, she’ll wear a box on her side for the rest of her life. She can lead a somewhat normal life, but will not ever be able to be left alone or drive again. But she’s not ready for this major surgery yet. My mom is so strong and tough and has amazed the doctors so far, I know she can keep going!!

The past two weeks have been filled with many hours in the ICU, stress, exhaustion, and fear. But also of joy and hope, I know my mom and I know how capable she is of making a full recovery. It has made me realize how lucky I am to have a wonderful life filled with family and friends and love. And what’s important in life is spending time with your loved ones. Because you never know when that day will come when you can’t. I know I’m going to have plenty of more time with my mom, many more phone chats and dinners together. But I’ll cherish them so much more. And please remember to cherish the time with those you love, we all need to do that more in our lives!

Anyway, I was able to shoot some content for my site when I was in Vegas so here’s a few photos from the shoot. And here’s a photo from this week’s update…Pussy Playoffs!!


Welcoming the New Year!


And just like that, it’s 2012! Crazy isn’t it? I hope everyone had great celebration or was able to spend it however you wanted to. I rang in the new year with my closest friends, we had an excellent dinner at a new restaurant and then headed back to my house for some bubbly and dessert. I made chocolate fondue and had all kinds of yummy things to dip in it…fruit, cake, marshmellows, Rice Krispy treats, even Christmas cookies! I think I was in a sugar coma well before midnight : )

So what are you’re goals for the new year? I am working on keeping up with my current workout schedule and even increasing it when possible. I really want to take myself to the next level of fitness and health. I am also focusing on doing more clean eating. I already eat fairly clean but I want to tweak my diet even more. But I’ll never give up my wine! LOL. I have really cut back on my drinking though and it’s made a huge difference in all areas of my life. Not that I was a lush or anything but even a couple of glasses of wine sets me back the next day now that I’m in my 30s. It’s fun when you cut back too because now I am much more of a light weight! Sweet! For example of cleaning up my diet: today I had plain oatmeal with soy milk and blueberries sprinkled with cinnamon, an apple in between workouts, and I made spicy black bean veggie soup for lunch. I had that with a slice of Ezekiel bread with a tsp of sunflower seed butter. For snacks later, I’ll have fruit and veggies with some fat free hummus and maybe some almonds. Dinner will be a salad, maybe with chicken, but with tons of veggies and chick peas, avocado and some fat free dressing. The salad dressing is tough, you really have to look at the ingredients and I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a dressing at Kroger that suited my needs. I found a good one at Whole Foods without any artificial ingredients or sugar. It’s best to make your own and I’ll try that sometime. So that’s a pretty good idea of how I’d like to eat but I know I won’t give up every single processed food…I like to live a little : ) Just less 100 calorie packs and more regular foods!


I’m busy getting ready for Vegas, I leave next week! Looking forward to it! Don’t miss me, Brianna Jordan and Taylor Stevens at Adultcon! http://adultcon.com for details!

I seriously can’t wait to hang with my girls! And meet you guys too!! It’s always a blast!!!


Here’s a cute candid from this week’s Mellow Yellow set…don’t I look so innocent? Hehehe : )

Lots of HOT new stuff coming to the site this year!! And be on the look out for some hot new g/g scenes with new models! You know I never disappoint!