Happy Halloween..a few days early : )

Happy Wednesday peeps! Hope everyone is having a decent week thus far. Mine is ok, feeling really tired for some reason…no, I am not pregnant! I think it could be the weather, it’s chilly and cloudy and that just makes me want to cuddle up with my pups and sleep : )

Halloween is next week and I am really not into it this year. I feel like every time I go to a party for Halloween, the idea of dressing up is always a lot more fun than the actual event. Tomorrow night I am going to a pumpkin carving party but no costumes are required. It’s weird because I used to love Halloween. I guess if I had a really special event to attend I might be more excited. But who knows, maybe something off the hook will come up last minute and I’ll be up for it!

I’ve been getting ready for my upcoming trip to Vegas and LA next week. I’ll be gone 12 days which I am not thrilled about…I don’t mind traveling but a week is really my max when it’s for work. Somehow I got talked into this extended trip and I am really going to miss my dogs…especially since Ziggy is still so new. Oh well, the time will go by quickly and I get so see Brianna Jordan so that helps to make up for being away from home. Speaking of home, I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that the offer for my house was accepted. I am SO glad I got this house, I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get it all decked out for Christmas!

Been focusing on getting back into the gym 6 days per week…I slacked off too much this summer and fall and I’m not happy about it. I am going to really focus on lowering my body fat and adding some muscle…don’t worry, I refuse to let my tits get too small! I got a fitness assessment and found out that I am in the 99th percentile for my cardiovascular health! I am very proud of this since I work so hard on my cardio. Zumba has been paying off!

Have to run and pick up the dogs from the groomer..usually bathe them myself but every now and then they need a professional scrub down : )

Peace and love,




Lions and Tigers and Wolverines…Oh My!

TGIF everyone! We’ve been spoiled with awesome weather lately in Michigan but today’s it’s windy,grey and chilly. Guess it’s really time for fall…but I love fall so I am not complaining yet. Not til the snow comes! Which I hope is months away!

Been busy keeping up with Ziggy! He’s a very energetic young dog and loves to chew! Luckily he doesn’t chew shoes or furniture but any plush toy he gets his paws on is obliterated within minutes. I’ve spent plenty of time cleaning up cloth body parts and white fluff from all over the house. I got him some Kongs and other chew toys and he loves them but he and Phyllis sure prefer tug or war with stuffed animals. Both dogs are getting along great and I am so happy we adopted this little guy. However, he is a snake! There’s one area in the yard where the ground dips down and he found out he could squeeze under the fence! I was scared to death when I called him to come in and he was nowhere to be found. Luckily he came home within a few minutes but I was terrified! It was dark out and he’s black so I didn’t know how I’d be able to see him. So we had to fix the fence by putting up wire fencing over that area…no more escaping for Ziggy! Whatever he is, he’s definitely a hound and they can’t help but follow their noses sometimes.

I’ve been watching a lot of sports lately which is sort of unusual for me. I like baseball but never cared for football but even I can’t believe that the Detroit Lions are 5-0! Where did that come from? And the Tigers still have a slim chance to make it to the World Series, they have to win the next two games against the Rangers which will be extremely difficult but you never know!

I’m getting ready for my upcoming trip to Vegas and L.A…it’s not for two and a half weeks but I have lots to do before then. Make sure to come see me and Brianna Jordan at Adultcon in Vegas November 3-5, it’s at the Mirage this year and it’s going to be awesome! We’ll be selling stuff and taking topless photos with fans so don’t miss out!

This week’s updates feature me and the lovely Jelena Jensen, my very own webmaster! We did a sensual bath tub shoot and I know you’ll love what you see!

Ok, I’m still recovering from a nasty migraine that I had yesterday so being on the computer right now isn’t the best thing. Have a great week and a naughty weekend!



Meet Ziggy!

So it’s official, Ziggy is my new dog! Having him around has been wonderful, he’s so sweet and loving and definitely keeps Phyllis young. He seems pretty comfortable at his new house and really loves the yard. I took him to the vet to get his last shot and also had him microchipped. Microchipping is fairly inexpensive and it really is the best way to ensure that if your pet becomes lost, you’ll be reunited. The chip is the size of a grain of rice and goes in under the skin just like a shot. Then you are able to go online and enter the dog’s info plus your contact info. If Ziggy ever gets lost and someone finds him, they can take him to a vet and they can scan for the chip. Anyway, the vet said he was in perfect health and that he looks great. Also, she thinks he is part Dachshund, which I have actually thought myself. He doesn’t have the short stumpy legs but he does have other characteristics. I also think he’s part Pointer. I want to do a DNA test so I know for sure b/c it kind of drives me crazy! LOL

I guess this has been a week of dogs because the other day I was coming home from a doctor’s appointment and I saw a Yorkie running loose. He ran right into my garage and when I got out of the car, he laid down and wanted me to rub his tummy. He didn’t have a collar or anything and I started walking around my neighborhood to see if anyone knew who he belonged to. Of course it started to pour rain! I took him to the vet down the street to have him scanned to see if he had a chip and he didn’t…nobody has reported a lost Yorkie to them either. Long story short, I didn’t want to bring him in the house due to the fact that Ziggy was still new and the Yorkie wasn’t neutered. So my parents were nice enough to let him spend the night with them, even though he was a dirty mess! We cleaned him up a bit and fed him. The next day we took him to the no kill shelter in our area which is a very nice facility and I was hoping the owners would find him there. By chance, my girlfriend called me the next day and she saw a lost dog poster in a near by store with the Yorkie’s photo on it! I drove to their house and sure enough, it was their dog! They were so thankful and relieved to know their baby was safe. And I felt so good to have helped out! I know that’s what I’d want someone to do if my dogs were ever lost. However, if nobody claimed the Yorkie then my parents were going to adopt him…he stole their hearts in one short night!

So I’ve had my hands full!! But in a good way. I am still adjusting to having two dogs in the house, it’s very different. For instance, Phyllis is very mellow and loves to sleep while I am working but more than once, Ziggy has interrupted my webcam sessions by jumping on my lap while I am trying to get naked on camera! But he’s learning quickly to hang with Phyllis when I am busy. And I am learning to keep the door shut!

And I am super excited about the Tigers in the play offs!! Verlander is a kick ass pitcher and I hope we can knock the Yankees out tonight! I know what I’m doing this evening…beer and baseball!!

Here’s some photos from recent updates to the site! Always something naughty and hot!