Short and Sweet

Hey guys, hope all is well : ) I’m writing this as I am running around trying to pack to leave tomorrow evening…going up to the lake for Labor Day weekend. I always feel so rushed and stressed when I go somewhere, I don’t know why, it’s not like I have tons of stuff to bring for this trip…but I hate packing and trying to be organized because I am not! I try but it’s just not my nature. Oh well, you can’t be good at everything, right?

Had a pretty low key week…found myself doing a lot of webcam shows and the usual website work. I did go over to friend’s house for a birthday celebration…his wife makes the most amazing food and she had a make your own pizza station plus tons of sides. The cake was a giant ice cream cake with buttercream frosting and she had homemade graham crackers and marsh mellows for smores. I had a bit of alcohol but I swear I was more goofy off of a sugar high! And of course she’s tall and thin, if I could cook/bake like that I’d be enormous! We played beer pong which I am not really a fan of, something about drinking a cup of warm beer that ping pong balls have been bouncing in seems really gross to me. Maybe I’m old!

Looking forward to some rest and relaxation! Hope you all get some too!! XOXO

End of the Summer

Summer is coming to an end, I can feel it in the air. We’ve had SUCH a hot summer that it’s nice to have 80 degree weather for a change. I love this time of year, I don’t know why because it does remind me of going back to school which is not such a pleasant memory. I love the sound of the crickets and everything just seems quieter somehow. I do love fall, it’s my fave…but I don’t want to think about winter yet!

Next week I’m going back up to the lake for the last time this summer. I hope to go up in October again to see the beautiful fall colors but the boating season will have passed so I am hoping for one really nice last summer weekend. I already told Phyllis she’s going and I can tell she’s excited : )

Been working out a lot…I finally got my XBox Kinect and I got the Zumba game for it! For those who don’t follow me on twitter….and why the hell don’t you?…I am a huge Zumba fan and go to classes 2-3 times per week at my gym. It’s a really fun workout and my instructors make it high cardio so you really torch some calories. The game is fun but not as high cardio so I find myself sometimes doing my own moves…but then I don’t score as many points. But the point of it is to get a good workout at home in addition to everything else that I do so the points and scores can go to hell : ) LOL …I normally hate video games but I have to admit the Kinect is very cool…I also got a sports game and it’s fun as well. I did really good at boxing : )

I am still going strong with eating a lot vegetarian foods. I find that I prefer them anyways over meat. I discovered that meat and cheese is usually just a vehicle for something like sauce or condiments…for example when I eat pizza it’s really the sauce, crust and veggies that I like. Same with turkey meatballs..I like the marinara and the pasta best and a lot of times I got used to eating meat because like so many Americans, I got hung up on thinking that I needed an ass load of protein. The average American already gets 4 times as much protein per day than necessary…I didn’t know this until I started doing all this reading and research. I used to have animal products with most meals, whether it was eggs, cheese, yogurt, chicken, I thought my body needed it because that’s what I was taught. Actually, your body doesn’t need animal products at all. And mine feels a lot better when I am not eating them. It’s amazing to go a week without and then have dairy again…your body doesn’t react too kindly! I am still eating some chicken but it does not come from factory farms and I will not eat it at restaurants anymore due to the fact that it comes from gross places. Enough with my rambling! But you guys ask me about it so I guess I can elaborate a little bit : )

I am making plans to go to Vegas in November! Adultcon will be Nov. 3-5 and I’ll be there with my bestie Brianna Jordan again….woot woot! We are also going to shoot while I am there..hells yeah!

Alright peeps, enjoy the week! I’m out!

Back from Vacation

Hey everyone, how’s it going? I just got back from my 10 days off and it’s been hard to get back into my routine. It’s weird b/c a part of me couldn’t wait to get back into the gym and back into super healthy eating but another part of me could have stayed floating on the lake forever. Sigh.

So I went to Cleveland to go to a wedding…very nice wedding it was. I’m friend with both the bride and the groom so it was great to see them tie the knot. I got pretty hammered at the reception though and had to go to bed instead of joining everyone at the bar. It was a good thing that I passed out b/c  we had to drive 7 hours the next day. Nothing very fun and exciting about that and doing it hung over makes it even worse…I can speak from experience! But before the wedding, I got to go visit the house from A Christmas of my favorite movies! It was neat to go in and see the actual home, it’s been restored and it looks just like it did in the film.

The next week was spent up north with my family on the lake. I love my family, they are a blast, and this trip was no exception. The weather was pretty decent, a little bit of rain but not too much. I got to go water skiing, jet skiing and of course swimming with Phyllis. Nice and relaxing week. Although by the end I was ready to have a break from the fam…I’m sure you can understand : ) So time to be back to reality and get back on track…which has been good. I’m lucky to have such a flexible schedule and I certainly don’t take it for granted. Been to the gym three days in a row so that feels good.

I think I’m planning a trip to Vegas in November for Adultcon…not sure yet but I think it’s gonna happen. Of course it’s just an excuse to visit my bestie Brianna Jordan!

Take care  and here are some pics from my trip!