Happy 4th!!!

I know it’s not July 4th yet but I am getting ready to go out of town in a few hours to enjoy my holiday up at the lake. I am SO excited to get away…those of you who have been following me know that we have a house on a lake in northern Michigan that’s been in my family for 106 years. I spent as much time as I can there during the summer and this will be my first chance to get up there this year. I’ve got some friends coming along who have never been there so that makes it even more fun! Hopefully the weather holds out and we can golf, hang out on the boat, etc. Phyllis loves it too…she swims to her heart’s content : )

This week’s update is Titty Fucking with Brandy Talore! Yep, Brandy Talore, the huge tit porn star! We both have some fun with a guy and get him to cum all over our huge natural tits! The video is coming out Friday and tomorrow is a fun candid photo set of my shoot with Brianna Jordan and Vanilla DeVille. Always lots of hot content coming out on the site!

Sorry this is a short entry but I have TONS to do before I get outta here! Here’s some sexy pics of me in my 4th of July bikini…next week you can see this photo set and video on the site. Hope everyone has a fun and SAFE holiday!





Green Thumb

So when I left you last I was in some serious pain after injuring my back. Thankfully, it’s much better : ) It’s still stiff and doesn’t feel normal but then again, my back has been fucked for quite some time so I don’t know what a normal back feels like. And no, it’s not just b/c of my huge boobs! I know what you’re thinking! I was in a car accident about 8 years ago and broke some ribs and tore some muscles in my back and it’s never felt the same. But I do what I can do for it, stretching and lots of core strengthening exercises to keep it strong. I’m sure all the weigh from my tits doesn’t help the situation but what can you do?

I’m so excited b/c next week I’ll be on my way up north to our house on the lake for 6 days of heaven! Can’t wait to relax, golf, swim, maybe water ski, and of course, drink! The fireworks for the 4th of July are amazing…how could they not be with a backdrop of the beautiful lake? This year I am bringing a few friends who have never been to my place so I’m looking forward to showing them my favorite spot in the world. And you guys know I’ll take pics! I always do : ) Hehe.

Been doing some more work in the garden and in the yard, which I’ve found I enjoy. It’s relaxing to me I guess. Other than that, I’ve kept up with my usual webcam and editing stuff for my website. It’s updated 4 to 5 times per week! That’s a ton of updates so it keeps me on my toes! You guys are in for a surprise for next week’s hardcore updates! Can’t tell you but I know you’re gonna LOVE it : )

Here’s a photo of me planting stuff and a photo from my Sex on the Beach gallery with the lovely Brianna Jordan : ) Enjoy!!

There is Such a Thing as Too Much Fun!

I had a busy week! Not only am I always editing videos and photos for my site, I am now webcamming quite a bit on Streamate…which I really enjoy! So I was doing all of that plus getting my house ready for my official house warming party. The yard needed work, I had to clean and go to the store and buy everything that I needed for food and beverages. Plus I had out of town company coming to stay so I had to entertain them as well.

It was supposed to rain the day of the party but it only sprinkled for about 5 minutes! I was really pleased b/c the party was mainly outside as it was a BBQ. I also invited friends to bring their dogs over since now my yard is fenced in so there were 5 dogs running rampant and playing all over the place…that wouldn’t have been a very good idea to do inside! It wasn’t a huge party but everyone seemed to have a good time and once thing were winding down, there were about 10 people left that I knew would stick around until wee hours of the morning. We proceeded to drink all kinds of beverages…wine, beer, vodka punch, spiked lemonade, and chocolate liquor. I’m not quite sure what happened but before I knew it, I decided it was a good idea to show everyone how I used to be able to do perfect headstands. I got up there fine but then I fell over and crashed into the couch, doing some sort of weird back bend that was not planned. It hurt and I knew it was only going to hurt worse when I sobered up. I was right..the next day was quite painful. I guess I strained my tailbone and lower back. I’ve been taking it easy but today I thought I was ready to do some light cardio so I went on the elliptical trainer at the gym. I thought everything was fine but after abut 15 minutes, I started having really bad back spasms and side spasms. I pushed through for about 5 more minutes and then had to call it quits. Damn it. Now I’m at home with a heating pad and half a muscle relaxer in my system so we’ll see how that feels. The moral of the story…my headstand days were a thing of the past and they need to stay there!

Girls, Girls, Girls!

A great song, yes, but it also describes my 2 day shoot in Las Vegas! I had the opportunity to shoot with Brianna Jordan, Kelly Divine and Aria Giovanni in Las Vegas so of course I had to jump at the chance! You guys know that Brianna and I are great friends and we shoot together a lot but I had never had the chance to shoot with Aria or Kelly so I was super excited.

Shoots take TONS of preparation, especially ones of this magnitude. Brianna lives in Vegas and she’s really organized so she did a super job of coordinating the location and the crew, etc. It’s also expensive..photographers, locations, make-up, hair, wardrobe, and feeding everyone! Plus, it’s not cheap for me to fly from Michigan. But we shot so much content, so it was well worth the expense. Takes money to keep the site going, you know?

Anyway, we worked our asses off for those two days but we also had a blast! Kelly is hilarious and I am still amazed by the size of that juicy booty! I couldn’t stop playing with it! And I have to say that Aria probably has the best tits that I’ve ever seen! I was so happy to finally get to shoot with her…and I bet you guys are too! One thing that was really hot was our 4 girl scene…a naked pillow fight! We went to town smacking each other with pillows, it was a riot!

I am leaving you with some pics from our shoot! All of the sets and of course the candid stuff will end up in the members area so don’t miss it boys ; )