Rain, Rain Go Away!

I’m sitting here writing this listening to the rain. I love the rain, I find it soothing, but we’ve had LOTS of it this spring and I’m kind of tired of it. I spent all weekend planting flowers in the garden and I am going to be pissed if the heavy winds ruin any of them! This is my first time since living at my parents house that I’ve had an actual garden so i’m excited about it. I love flowers and I am also planning on growing a few vegetables too. If the rain ever lets up, I can finish planting and mulching.

Phyllis is very excited because the backyard is in the process of being fenced! The guys laid the posts yesterday and are supposed to finish everything tomorrow…if it’s not storming again. It will be SO nice to be able to let her out whenever she wants. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll still get her walks every day but how nice for me not to have to take her on a walk right away in the morning…especially when it’s cold out! I like to have my caffeine and wake up a bit before I take her for a stroll, makes it much more enjoyable for me : )

I leave Monday to go to Vegas! I’ll only be gone a few days and I am going out there to shoot with Brianna Jordan, Aria Giovanni, and Kelly Devine. Should be a blast! Can’t wait to get my hands on all of those tits! ; )

Damn You, Tonsils!

If you read back to my post in December, you’ll see that I had a nasty case of tonsillitis. My tonsils never bothered me as a child when my friends were having theirs yanked out left and right. So imagine my disappointment that in my 30s, my tonsils are a fucking disaster. Last week another bought came on so fast, I didn’t even know I was getting sick. I was at Zumba dancing away and I started feeling like a truck had hit me, my entire body was achy and throbbing. I left class early, the first time I’ve ever had to do that. A few hours later, my throat hurt a bit bit not too bad. Then I woke up at 4am with a horrific sore throat, I was almost in tears and it took me forever to fall back asleep. I hate the doctor and really try to avoid going unless it’s something nasty and this was definitely worthy of a trip to the doc. Turns out, my throat was so swollen that he gave me steroids as well as some anti-inflamatory medicine laced with codeine and antibiotics. I spoke with him about getting my tonsils removed, since I’ve had four episodes in the past year and a half but apparently, it’s a horrible surgery to go through as an adult. It’s nothing like getting them out when you’re a kid, the recovery time is two weeks and there is often complications. Yikes! I think I’ll roll the dice and deal with feeling shitty every now and then rather than go through that painful process. And even if I wanted them out, specialists typically won’t do it for an adult unless it’s an extreme case.

On to happier subjects, I’ve been webcamming a lot on Streamate..it rocks! I really love being able to chat with my fans and do lots of hot, naughty shows! The Hitachi has never gotten so much use! Also, I’ve been busy painting the guest bathroom, my aunt comes to visit this weekend as my first official house guest so I want things looking as good as they can.

Gonna go to bed, I have been having some problems sleeping lately and tonight I actually feel pretty tired. Here’s a couple of pics from recent updates on the site…much more in the members area!


Night! XOXO

Oh Crap!

So you all know that I am a new home owner right? Well this is what I found in my yard last week!! Basically I have no grass, only weeds! Yikes!!!  Not fun at all!

I got some weed killer and hopefully that’s a step in the right direction. If you want a good laugh, watch the video on my site called “Dandelion Invasion”. I’ll post again soon!