I’m Back!

Haven’t blogged in awhile but it’s time to make up for that! How’s everyone doing? Hopefully good! I’ve been crazy busy but now things have calmed down slightly, thankfully.

I had a great trip out west…I was in Vegas and Los Angeles for almost three weeks! Yikes. It was a long trip, I’m not gonna lie. Too long for me to be away from home. But I survived! I really missed Phyllis though, not to mention my man..but at least I could talk to him and he knew when I was coming back. It was the happiest reunion when I got to see my doggie again!! Dogs give the best greetings ever and always make you feel so loved and special : ) Warm fuzzies! While I was on my trip, I shot tons of content for the site and also did jobs for other sites too..Bang Bros, Lethal Hardcore. The Bang Bros scene I did was a hot sudsy g/g with Nina Mercedes and then I gave a tit fuck to the lucky camera guy!! Not a bad day of work!

It’s taken me awhile to adjust back to my schedule after being gone so long but it’s happening. It also doesn’t help that I came down with pink eye over the weekend…in both eyes! Sucks so bad! It’s almost better now but c’mon! Haven’t had pink eye since I was about 10!


Still have lots of house projects to do but I am learning that those will never end. The yard needs some major work, so many weeds and crap to dig up. Luckily, I’ll enjoy that sort of thing. I did find a surprise while I was weeding though…a nest of baby bunnies in the flower beds! They are so adorable and looked almost old enough to leave the nest. Super cute!


Here’s a few pics of some recent website updates…be on the lookout for more hot stuff to come!!