Snow Day!!

Today was a snow day! I’m not sure how much we got last night, not quite as much as they said that we would get but a lot. All schools were shut down, the gym was closed, and the news was advising not to drive unless you needed to. I didn’t need to so I took the day to catch up on some work and pack some things for the move. Phyllis was thrilled with the snow! She hops around like a bunny in the giant drifts! It’s so cute! She buries her face right in the white stuff : )  So we went for some good walks today so she could get her snow fix. Once the winds had died down, it wasn’t too terrible out..about 25 degrees or so. It’s supposed to get really cold in the next few days…I’m not looking forward to that!

We are supposed to move our big stuff on Friday! Yay! We won’t be 100% out of the apartment but we will be sleeping at the house Friday night if all goes well. Still have a couple of weeks to be out of the apartment so we are kind of slacking on moving some things. Oh well, it’ll get done! I spent most of last week doing guess what…more painting! It’s coming along and I’ll be posting photos soon.

Have you seen this week’s updates on the site? My very  first b/g/g scene! Yep, you read that correctly! Gotta see it for yourself! Too hot to post pics on my blog!

Not sure if I mentioned this before but I am now doing two live shows per week! I love chatting with my fans and members so this gives me more of a chance to get to know you guys. My show schedule is always on my site so check it out and come chat with me!

Time for a hot shower and some tea before bed! Have a great week and the next time I blog, I should be all moved  in to my new casa!