Going Out of Town Again

Hey everyone!! This has to be a really quick post b/c I am getting packed up to go out of town for another long weekend. The last summer weekend up at the lake for me. I’ll write more when I get a chance! Here’s a pic from this week’s smokin’ hot update on maximummaggie.com!!

Headaches Suck.

Hey everyone, hope all is well! I’ve had a pretty busy week with the launch of the new site and it’s going great so far! Everyone seems to like it MUCH better than the old site..myself included!

I’m not feeling so hot today, I woke up with a migraine and have been sleeping on and off most of the day. Yuck. But I still wanted to log on and do my blog cuz I love you all so much : ) I’ve got a lot going on in the next month…Friday I am going up to the lake for a quick weekend get away with some girlfriends. So looking forward to hanging out with them and catching up! Then I’ll be back home for a few days before going out of town again. And right after Labor Day, I head out to LA for Adultcon. Never done Adultcon before but I’ve heard good things so I’m sharing a booth with the lovely Brianna Jordan and the beautiful Taylor Stevens…holy big boobies! I hope we cause a scene! I’m also going to be shooting for my site and some other sites while I’m out there which will be great. Can’t wait to post all of the sexy content for you!

Gonna leave now and go rest some more but here’s a couple of photos to enjoy! XOXO,

The New and Improved MaximumMaggie.com is Now Open!!!

A couple of days after my birthday, I got the best birthday present ever!! My website officially relaunched!! The tour had been up for a couple of weeks but since the site was still being approved by the billing companies, nobody could join. But now it’s open for business!!

I can’t even begin to explain how thrilled I am about all of this. Words simply can’t express it. I had been wanting to re-do the site for a long time and it took awhile and I had to be patient while finding the right webmaster. But my patience and hard work has now paid off : ) For those of you that don’t know, Jelena Jensen is now my webmaster and without her, I wouldn’t have this fantastic new site. So let’s take a moment of silence to thank her and her amazing boobies : )

There’s a lot of changes to the site but the main ones are: Instead of two updates a week, I now will be offering five! Full photo sets ( no more breaking them down into Part 1 and Part 2, etc. ), videos, live shows, archived live shows in case you miss them, behind the scenes from my shoots, candid photos and videos from my personal life, blog updates…there’s so much I now have to offer my fans!

And….my site will be the ONLY place that you can see me doing HARDCORE boy/girl action!! Yep, you read that correctly! There are boy/girl photos, videos, and I’ll be doing live members only sex shows as well : ) I’m really excited about this and I’ve already found that I love being dirty on camera : )

Anyway, I hope you like the site. Like I said, it was a great birthday gift to find that it was finally ready. Speaking of my birthday, I had a really nice day! I treated myself to a mani pedi and Starbucks before I got in the car and headed up to the lake. My real birthday celebration was the next day, the weather was fantastic so I sat on the boat and swam with my dog. Then I had cocktails with my family before going to dinner with my boyfriend. The food was incredible, fresh baked bread, tomato salad with goat cheese, rainbow trout, and the best after dinner dessert drink called a signature hummer. It was vanilla ice cream blended with Kahlua, Bacardi, Absolut and then they add a bit of Chambord and dark chocolate shavings and blend a little more. One of the best things I’ve ever tasted : ) After that dinner, I was stuffed and happy and we went back to the house where my cousins had a bonfire going. They did smores but I couldn’t manage to fit anything else in my belly!

The rest of the trip was perfect and I hated coming home. But I’ll probably be going back in the next couple of weeks.

I’m done writing for now but I included a few photos from the new site and one of me at my birthday dinner. XOXO

Happy Birthday to Myself : )

Happy Birthday to me! Another year older..yippee. Actually, it doesn’t bother me so much. I find that as I get older, I grow more confident and comfortable with who I am. The only thing that sucks is the aches and pains do seem to get worse and I know this will continue! I broke my foot a few years ago and lately it’s been bothering me. Same with an old knee injury.

I just got back from Chicago a few days ago, I went to Glamourcon and I also did some photo shoots while I was there. I got the on Thursday night and had three shoots lined up for Friday. The first shoot was pretty early but that was fine because there was a make up artist so I didn’t bother with anything. Of course, she never showed up! And of course, it was the one time that I didn’t have any of my make up and hair stuff with me. The photographer let me use his wife’s make up who luckily was about the same skin tone as I was. Sometimes you just gotta improvise. And I did a decent job : ) Everything else went off without a hitch.

Saturday was the first day of the show and as planned, I was next to Taylor Stevens. We met in Miami at Exxxotica and planned to do GC together so I was really excited to see her and her huge boobies! We had a blast together, signed lots of autographs and took lots of photos. I also got to visit with some other friends.. Carlotta Champagne, Alexah Adams, Aria and some other girls that I knew. Right after the show was over, I had another photo shoot….busy girl! I was exhausted afterward so we had some dinner and drinks, I hung out with Taylor for the rest of the night and somehow we got pretty drunk…don’t know how that happened!

Sunday I was up early to shoot for my site before the second day of Glamourcon. I was a bit hung over but I pulled it off anyway, I’m a trooper! The show was slow so I spent more time chatting with the other girls before I packed up and drove back to Michigan. Great trip overall!!

Right now, I’m packing to go up to the lake. I’ll be in the car tonight but tomorrow I’ll have an incredible birthday dinner at one of my favorite places so i’m already drooling over that. Hope you like these photos, the rest of the Glamourcon pics will be coming on my site very soon!