All Work and No Play

I’ve been working my ass off lately! With the new site about to launch, there’s tons of stuff that I need to get ready. The site will be updated much more frequently so I’m trying to stay ahead of the game with photo and video editing. Plus, tomorrow I leave for Chicago to do Glamourcon at the Crown Plaza July 31 and August 1. But after I’m home from Chicago, I get to take a few days off to go up to the lake for some much needed relaxation. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this! It’s going to be extra special because we’re celebrating my great aunt’s 90th birthday. I’ll also get to meet my cousin’s new baby.

I’ve been going up north during the summers for my entire life and I learned to waterski when I was 6 years old. I’ve been doing it ever since. It’s a bit tougher on my body than it used to be (like everything else is as you age!) but I still enjoy it. I used to get up on one ski but these days I get up on two skis and then drop one…I literally step out of it and into the back boot of the other ski while I’m skiing. It takes a lot less out of me to get up on two skis so I can conserve my energy and have a longer run.

More work to do but here’s a couple of photos of me skiing…just so you don’t think i’m making it up!

My birthday is next week…August 4th! I’ve gotten a few emails about it so I created a wish list for those who would like to send me a little something : )

My Shoot with Brianna Jordan

This past week I went to Vegas to shoot with the lovely Brianna Jordan for our websites. It was freaking HOT, 115 degrees to be exact, yikes! And we had a long day planned. We shot some super hot content, I got Brianna to do dirtier things than she’s ever done on camera before : ) She’s so hot, she has the best tight ass and get tits. Plus, she’s a really cool chick. We’re going to be doing Adultcon together in Los Angeles in September so make sure to plan to come out and say hi and buy some of our porn : )

Here’s a couple of photos from the shoot…the rest of the content will be appearing on my site in the future.