Maggie Takes Manhattan

What’s going on kids? So as some of you know ( if you follow me on Twitter), I just spent a week in New York and Jersey and what a week it was! I had some shoots lined up in the area and since I have only been to the city once very briefly, I was super excited about this trip.

My first shoot was for a photography workshop group, they have a group of glamour and art photographers and they asked me to pose for a couple of their workshops. I had never done this before and I found it very informative and interesting…it was fun but also a lot of work! Multiple photographers were shooting at a time and they each took turns directing me and by the end I was exhausted…so of course that called for some pizza and wine, my cure for anything : )

Then I went to Jersey to shoot for a website called and I met up with another busty model….Maria Moore. She was super fun to work with and I was in love with her giant tits! I loved playing with them…are you getting jealous and turned on yet? LOL! We did a dominatrix scene for her website and I got to hand cuff her and whip her tits with a riding crop! I have never ever done anything of the sort but it wasn’t too serious of a scene and I loved my sexy blue outfit, it was tight and made of vinyl. I truly felt like a bad ass bitch when I put it on! We also shot some stuff for so stay tuned for that!!

The last day was another workshop and this one was 10 hours long! But we all had lunch at a yummy Chinese place and I got to take lots of breaks so it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. I loved posing for the workshops and I got a chance to meet some fun and interesting people and I hope to go back. There was so much I didn’t get to do in NYC but I got a good glimpse of Lady Liberty at night which was amazing. I’ll just have to make it back there very soon!

Hope you like my pics…there are some of me and Maria and some of the workshops. Stay tuned because I am always on the go! And I love to share it all with you!!


Naughty Maggie

So this past week I went to Chicago for the day to shoot with another big boob model, Sabina Leigh. Now as you guys know, I’ve shot with other models before, it’s one of my favorite things about what I do. You can’t complain about anything when there’s a gorgeous naked woman with big tits standing next to you! But you guys know all about that..LOL : ) Anyway, this was by far my sexiest girl girl shoot to date and it was awesome! Sabina is very sexy and she’s also really smart as well and we really enjoyed working together…although it didn’t feel very much like work: )

I loved feeling her big boobs and licking them too. She brought some interesting things with her, one of them being nipple clamps, something that I have always been curious about but never tried. I am not much into pain and I thought that they would hurt but if you don’t put them on too tight, they just apply very nice pressure to your nipple. I love having my nipples played with so I would say that I kind of enjoyed the clamps. Who knew! She also brought a spanking stick and we played around with that…made me feel like such a bad little girl! And I liked that too!! We also got down and dirty with a can of whipped cream…yum yum! You’ll be seeing more of our shoot soon so stay tuned : )

For now, here’s some pics of us together and I hope you like them! There’s more to be found in the member’s area on!