A Busy Week

What’s up kids? Hope all is well with everyone, summer’s almost here and if you’re like me, things just seem better and brighter in the summer!

Let’s see, last week I drove out to Philadelphia for a few days to do a shoot and just to hang out in the city. It’s about a 10 hour drive from Michigan but I enjoy road trips and the weather was perfect for it. I’ve been to Philly a few times but it’s been awhile and I was excited to go back. I just love the whole Philly vibe. The shoot was for cosmid.net and it went really well, i t was a pretty long day but it was fun, the photographer and I discovered that we share the same birthday so we became instant buddies. Plus, he was pretty hot which made me act even sexier in front of the camera….rawrrr!

Then I drove back to Michigan and went on vacation the very next day…up to northern MI to hang out at the lake. It was supposed to be some r and r but of course I ended up partying it up!! I drank beer in the dive bars and sat in the sun and had a BBQ with some friends. A great Memorial weekend : ) But I’m sick of being in the car, no major road trips in the near future for me! Next week I go to NYC but thankfully I am flying there…I am going to model for a couple of fine art workshops which I am really excited about!!

Here’s some pics of me in my hotel in Philly and then pulling out a boob in the bar in South Philly : ) Also some pics from the lake weekend and watching the Red Wings game the other night. GO WINGS!!! You can view them all inside maximummaggie.com.

Catch y’all later…..



Exxxotica Miami 2009

Hi to all of my lovely members! How are you? As you know, I was in Miami Beach last weekend for the Exxotica Expo. All I can say is…WOW! What a blast it was!!

I got into town a few days before the expo to do a couple of photo shoots. They were long days and I worked my ass off, I don’t think a lot of people realizing that modeling can be quite difficult but sometimes you are in very uncomfortable poses for a long time and wearing things that hurt like hell. But I can’t complain, I love my job : )

When I first arrived at the Miami Beach Convention Center, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve done a few Glamourcons but I knew this was going to be something entirely different. But what I saw was like a Disneyland for adults…hot, sexy women on trampolines and on swings, big name porn stars, toys for sale…you name it, it was there ! I shared a booth with porn star Sara Jay and Jayla Starr also joined us for a bit. We had a blast and took lots of sexy pictures…BUT THEN SOME ASSHOLE STOLE MY CAMERA!!! I was SO pissed!!! Plus it made me feel violated. But I got over it pretty quickly…a few cocktails helped with that! I definitely did lots of partying in Miami, there were a lot of great after parties so I didn’t get much sleep.

On Sunday, I really was all porned out…never thought I could say that but it’s true! So I was happy to come home and see my dog. But it was a great trip!!

Hope you like my pictures…there’s ones of me and Shane Diesel, Sara Jay, Sinnamon Love, Jayla Starr and Alexis Texas…you can only imagine the trouble I got in!! LOL!! Check them out on my site!

Until next time,


Maggie Gets Around

So it has been FOREVER since I’ve done a blog!! Yikes!! But I have really missed writing to you so I am definitely going to do it more often and keep you posted on what’s going on with my life : ) Cuz I know you care : )

I’ve been super busy lately! I’ve been doing some traveling, last month you saw me on scoreland.com so I went to Miami for a few days to shoot with The Score Group. It was a blast, they were great to work with and although I didn’t have time to see much of Miami, I loved being there. I rented a hot silver Mustang convertible  so I could drive around the city in style! Make sure to look for the July issue of Score magazine and check me out in my first magazine layout : )

Most recently, I went to Chicago for a few days for some shoots. I did a shoot for Juggs magazine, I don’t know when it will be published but I’m excited about it, we got some great shots. And  I adore Chicago! Such a great city.

Next week, I am going back to Miami to attend Exxxotica Miami from May 8-10. I can’t wait, it’s going to be FUN and hopefully some of you will be able to come by and meet me! I’ll be looking all hot and sexy so stop by and say hi : )

Here’s a couple of pics from my Score shoot : )