Happy Valentine’s Day

Wow, I am SO glad to be back in the land of the living again! Last week I was incredibly sick with the flu, I haven’t felt so horrible since I had mono when I was in high school. Yuck! But the good news is that I am pretty much fully recovered, not 100%, but good enough! I hope everyone had a great week, it’s hard to believe how fast the time flies!

Nothing too new to report, just trying to get healthy and back into my gym routine..slowly but surely. Don’t want to over do it! So Valentines Day is just about here and I decided to put on sometime sexy and red and take some hot pictures…all just for you! The outfit that I am wearing is one that I got when I did a photo-shoot in December in Miami, what do you think of it? : ) Is it better on…or off?? There’s something about the color red that makes me feel ultra sexy and I’ve read that red has been proven to speed up a man’s heart rate…coincidence? Hmmm….

Alright, enjoy the pictures! And I wish you a hot and sexy Valentines Day! Muah!


Feeling Crappy

So I’ve got a wimpy blog this week because I’ve got the worst case of the flu I’ve had, maybe in my entire life. I’m just staying in bed and limiting my typing because I’m too sick to take any new ones this week. Sorry guys, but I promise I’ll be back and healthy next week!

xoxoxox – Maggs