Patriotic Panties

Hey everyone, how’s it going? Hope all is well!!! Can’t believe January is almost over, where does the time go?!

In honor of Obama’s Inauguration, I couldn’t help but put on my most patriotic thong and snap some shots for my lovely fans : ) It was amazing to watch history in the making, I’m so proud of my country and definitely feeling the American spirit today! I really never thought I would see an African American president in my lifetime.

This weekend I went shopping with some of my girlfriends…buzzed shopping that is! We all had to run errands and were putting them off so we stopped for a couple of cocktails before hitting up Target, it made buying laundry detergent so much more fun! We went to the mall and then back to the bar and I had a couple of Irish coffees and then took a long nap. Gotta love Sundays!

My workout regime is going well but I did something to my back and it’s killing me, along with some muscles in my side. Ouch! So I guess I need some rest. Hopefully it heals soon!

Alrighty, I will check in with you all later! Have a fabulous week!!



Pre-Workout Excitement

Hey everyone, how are things? Hope all is well all over the world!

I’ve had a very relaxing week, just catching up on chores and on everything on my Tivo. I am super excited for Lost to start next week….I’m almost equally excited for the inauguration as well : ) I don’t want to get too political but I can’t wait to see what Obama does, I know it’s going to be rough but I am happy for the breath of fresh air that he brings. I will admit to having a slight crush on him…don’t know what it is about him but he’s got it going on!  ; P

Last week, I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back to the gym and get back into my work out routine. Well as we all know….easier said th an done! LOL…well, l I have been exercising and have cut out all of the junky crap that found it’s way into my mouth during the month of December. So I feel better already. Just have to keep it up!

I was getting ready to go to the gym and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot for you. The sports bra came off and so did everything else! Hope you likey!!

Take care, keep sending emails and messages on my Yahoo board, I love it!


Maggie Just Being Maggie

I guess it’s no secret that I like to go out and have a good time. But being back home for the holiday season, I definitely partied it up with lots of old friends, it’s been great but as we know, all good things must come to an end. No, I’m not giving up my fun loving ways but it’s time to get back to reality and get serious ( well just a little bit! ). I have a lot that I want to accomplish in 2009….running more races and keeping up with just for starters. I really want to make things as fun as creative as possible so please let me know if you have any ideas for things that you would like to see!

I decided to include some pictures of me goofing off, which I seem to do better than anyone I know : ) Also, a couple of the pictures are from New Years Eve…the bar that we went to passed out hats and party favors a little bit before midnight but they were from last year…everything said “2008″ instead of “2009″! Of course I thought this was hysterical….guess you had to be there : ) Anyway, it wouldn’t be a proper Maggie blog without some boob pics so of course I took some of those as well!

Have a great week! I’m counting down the days until the season premiere of Lost : )


Tacky Sweater Time

Hey everyone!Hope you all had a nice holiday! Mine was de cent, it was very laid back and mellow which was a nice change of pace from seeing all my obnoxiousfamily members : )

My friend had a Tacky Sweater Party and it didn’t take me too long to rummage through my mom’s closet and come up with this delightful gem…I actually wore it as a dress! Hilarious party, I have never been to one of these before but people really got into it. I drank and ate too much, which seems to be a theme lately so back to the gym I go. I can’t believe the website has been up for over a month! How time flies! Thanks again for being a member, I love you all!

It’s that time to make New Year’s resolutions and I have a couple. I want to get back into running and lifting weights again, been slacking off!! And I have always loved to write but I never seem to do it so I am actually going to force myself to write again. Maybe if my stuff doesn’t suck too bad, I’ll share some of it with you on this blog. Hope you like my lovely sweater pics and Happy New Year!!!
Kisses and big squishy hugs,