Maggie in Miami

Hey guys! This week I traveled to Miami to do a photoshoot for a lingerie company called Exotic Curves. They sell a lot of exotic and wild lingerie and swimsuits so I didn’t hesitate when they asked me to model for their new website catalog. It was a quick trip, I flew in the evening before the shoo t and we had a fitting to see what I was going to wear the following day. Then I was up super early to get my hair and make-up done before we began shooting.

It was a very long day! The photographer also wanted to experiment with some latex body paint which I had never done. It was so cold! And it was such an odd sensation peeling it off, I snapped some pictures of it for you : ) After the shoot, I had a couple of cocktails and relaxed in a hot bubble bath…two of my favorite things to do to unwind. My flight left at 8 am so I was up very early once again. But I had a great time and even scored some sexy new outfits out of the deal, which I am sure you’ll see in upcoming photoshoots on

That’s all for now, hope everyone is having a great week! Big hugs and kisses!



Hi everyone! As you know, I’m from Michigan and that’s where I am at the moment, celebrating the holidays with my family and friends. I love coming home to visit and I was pleasantly surprised to have the snow gods dump a couple of inches on us over Th anksgiving weekend. I always love snow for the holidays!

I love to be creative and try new things and one thing I had never tried before was going topless outside in the snow! Brrrrr! So of course I had to do it and I have the pictures to prove it : )  It was FREEZING but it was exhilarating to have icy cold wetness on my boobs! Talk about some hard nips!

After I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran inside and warmed up with some hot chocolate which may or may not have contained a couple of shots of Baileys ; )

Hope you all are enjoying my website so far and having a great December!