6 Years of MaximumMaggie.com!!

I can hardly believe it but 6 years ago, maximummaggie.com was launched. It looked nothing like it does today and I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure! I had wanted a site for years before I actually got one but better late than never. I still truly enjoy shooting for my site, I put tons of hard work into the content that I produce and there’s still so much more that I’d like to do. When I first started my site, it was very glam and I only did Playboy style nudity. I branched out and now offer explicit nudity, girl on girl action and even boy girl as well as some fetish. I truly love what I do and I thank everyone who has ever been a member and especially those that are currently members. The site is updated 2-3 times per week! I offer weekly live shows so my members can interact with me live, candid photos that you can’t see anywhere else, and lots of exclusive photos and videos. I am also now a part of the VNA Live network which means that my members are able to see live webcam shows from over 60 girls each week…for no additional fees! You can check out Vicky Vette, Siri, Jelena Jensen, Sara Jay, Julia Ann, Vanilla DeVille, Amy Andersen, and tons more! My live shows are also archived and go up on the site so if you miss out, you can still enjoy the action.


Another cool thing I am doing is texting my fans! We can send naughty, or nice, messages back and forth and I can send you pics, straight from my phone! Sign up here! sextpanther.com/maggie-green


I think most of you know that I’ve been auctioning off items such as outfits, toys, DVDS, and more for years now but my auctions have a new home…. babebids.com ! It’s a brand new site and my very good friend and webmaster Jelena Jensen owns and runs it. It’s a much better site than the old one I was using and a lot more user friendly. So check it out, soon there will be many more girls using this site to auction off their goodies!


As always, I am camming on maggiegreen.cammodels.com most days of the week. Except next week I won’t be on there because I am going to Hawaii!! I am SO excited for this vacation that I’m already packing two days ahead of time which is totally unlike me!! Except some beautiful photos when I return..if I decide to come back! Haha!


Lots of new clips in my Clips4Sale store, check them out…most of them are not available on my website. clips4sale.com/64319


I am leaving you with a bunch of photos from the last 6 years from my site…it’s really just a tiny taste of what’s inside!! ENjoy!! XOXO




Happy November!

How the hell is it already November??? Seriously, it freaks me out how quickly time has been passing lately. I know they say as you get older, time goes by faster but come on, I feel like summer barely existed this year! I guess that shows how busy I’ve been!

Regarding my previous post, I ended up taking Runner Up for the Miss Free Ones Best Cam Girl contest! I was in second place the entire time and held it, of course winning would have been sweeter but to be 2nd out of hundreds of girls that entered is a pretty amazing feeling. It shows that all of the hard work that I do every single day doesn’t go unnoticed and is even appreciated by some of you : ) To those of you who voted for me, thank you so much! Next year we’ll make it to #1 though right? ; )

So what’s new with me? I think you guys have seen me joke about being a workaholic in previous posts and on Twitter. It’s tough not to be when I have so many different projects going on and I’m responsible for them all. But I was starting to obsess about work, I wasn’t making time for my friends anymore or doing a lot of things that I enjoy. Which is crazy when you think about it because one reason I love doing what I do is that I am in charge of my schedule and can be as flexible as I want. I was saying that but when it came down to it, I had created this set schedule for myself and I became kind of fixated on hitting all of my goals not matter what. I guess it’s great that I have such determination and drive and all that. But it was costing me a lot in terms of happiness, peace and health. Without getting too personal, some things happened this summer that made me realize that I needed to pull back and devote more time to myself. I was headed for a horrible burn out and I’m so grateful that it was stopped before it got to the point where it could have. I’ve really started paying attention to what I need and letting myself have it..whether it be a nap, time to write, dinner with friends, more time playing with my dogs. I’ve spend quite a bit of time just sitting and being. I’ve also started practicing some meditation and yoga and both of those activities have helped me feel more sense of inner peace. I’m not really working less, I’m much more flexible with my schedule and I admit it’s tough but the pay off is great. I wanted to share this with you because we all get so busy and wrapped up with other people’s lives that sometimes we forget about our own. We all need to take care of ourselves first and foremost or we aren’t going to be good to anybody else.

On to some promotion! Check out of Clips4Sale store, it’s updated regularly and has lots of variety and I am always adding new stuff.  http://clips4sale.com/64319 Also, I am still camming regularly on  http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com/, you can check out my schedule on my profile page, I keep it up to date. Come see why I am the #2 cam girl this year! Check out my Tumbler for naughty pics! http://maximummaggie.tumblr.com

And some new stuff!! I’ve been offering custom videos for years now but this site makes it a breeze to order one! Just select what type of video, how long and send me a storyline. You don’t pay until I upload the clip to you via the site.  I enjoy making customs for my fans! http://www.customs4u.com/customs/maggie-green

Another very cool thing that I am doing…sexting! You buy my real phone number and we can text back and forth, you can even get naughty pics from me, right from my phone taken just for you!  This has been SO much fun to do so far, I really love it! https://www.sextpanther.com/maggie-green/

I’m leaving you with some recent pics from the website! Have a great week everyone! XOXO

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What Winning Best Cam Girl Really Means To Me

Hey everyone!! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve blogged! Crazy! But hopefully most of you follow me on Twitter and can see what I’m up to on a day to day basis so you know that this has been a extremely busy year for me. Between my site, web camming, my Clips4Sale store, auctions, shoots, custom videos and other random things, the days/weeks/months literally fly by for me. So how it’s the end of September already just puzzles the fuck out me!

One big thing that I’d like to share with you and it’s something that I need YOUR help with! Every year, FreeOnes has the Miss FreeOnes contest and this year I am a finalist in the Best Cam Girl category!! Rounds 1 and 2 of the contest have already ended and I hung in second place the entire time..except for the first few hours of the contest when I started out in first place. Now it’s Round 3, the final round, and I have a shot at winning the title! Round 3 is a blind round, meaning we no longer know which contestant is in which place so this is where I truly need your votes! But I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and camming…

I’ve been a webcam girl on and off for years. Not many people know this but long before I was Maggie Green, I was a cam model on a site when the internet connection was still dial up for the majority of people. I saw an episode of Real Sex and for the first time, I learned what a cam girl was and I immediately though that it sounded intriguing. And when I moved out to Los Angeles, I found myself working out of a cam studio in the valley for a few months. It was interesting to say the least, this was back in the day before there wasn’t even sound so both parties had to type back and forth and there was typically a 4-5 minute lag! After 9/11 hit, the economy went to shit and I definitely felt the effects, I wasn’t making enough to really cover my bills so I abandoned camming and started bar tending instead. But I loved to think about the unique stories that I had as a result of being a cam model.

Fast forward years later..I began modeling and Maggie Green was born. Once I launched my website, I started to offer live webcam shows for my members and I also started camming on another site once and awhile. I tried a few sites, always enjoying what I was doing for the most part but I knew there could be so much more to it. I knew that there had to be a place for me in the cam world, a site where I felt that I fit in.

Then I was introduced to Streamate. I had heard wonderful things from a few other porn stars and cam girls and decided to give it a shot. Pretty much immediately I knew this was where I wanted to be! I loved the environment and the faster pace, more shows and better money. I didn’t know what would come of it but I knew that if I put in the hard work , it had the potential to be amazing.

In the winter of 2012, my mother almost died of a massive heart attack. I blogged about it back then but to make a very long and complicated story as short as I can, she was hospitalized for 3 months and had 5 major surgeries over the course of 18 months..the last one being a heart transplant. It was during that time that I really started to become thankful for camming. I mean, I could still spend hours at the hospital with my family yet work when I was able to and make enough money to pay my bills. I didn’t have a boss telling me I only had X amount of time I could be away from work or that I had to be anywhere at a certain time. Those months were exhausting but I became so grateful that being a cam model provided me this flexibility that I so badly needed. I began to really see how blessed I was to have a job like camming and that’s when I started to take it more seriously. I began to cam more and saw my placement on the site rise up to the top. I never expected that I would get there but I did!

Today, I am filled with gratitude, happiness and the feeling of being blessed every day. I know how lucky I am to be a successful cam model and I do not take it for granted. It’s not an easy job by any means but it has taught me things like self discipline and patience. It’s become a stress outlet for me now as well. I’ve been going through some very difficult personal issues over the summer and I believe camming has helped me immensely. Because once I put on my make up, did my hair and got in front of that webcam, I was able to feel like things were normal in my life even on days when they were not. Being able to be that fantasy girl is also a fantasy for me. I love that one show I might be doing a role play about being the naughty MILF next door and then the next show is a man who wants me to make fun of his tiny penis and call him names. I never know what’s going to happen next and while that can be stressful and annoying at times, it sure makes for an eventful day. When a fan comes in my chat room and tells me he has been a fan for 10 years and remembers when I was a Sports By Brooks Girl, my face lights up. Or when someone has a shitty day and tells me that for those 15 minutes, I took his mind off of real life, that makes me feel good too.

Yes, there is a monetary prize for this contest. The Best Cam Girl takes home $2,000. And who wouldn’t be happy with that? But to me, this means SO much more. I would be honored to win because to be recognized  in such a way for something that I truly love to do would be incredible. Years ago, camming was mainly about the money for me. But it’s grown into so much more than that, it has given me much more than a nice living. It’s helped me become more disciplined, organized and less judgmental of people. It has taught me about kink and fetishes and the deep dark sexual desires of the human mind. It’s made me more patient and most important of all, more accepting of myself.

If you’ve actually read all of this and would still like to vote for me..here’s how!!

Go here: http://www.freeones.com/html/m_links/Maggie_Green/

Now, you can vote without an account but if you do have a FreeOnes account, your vote counts 4 TIMES more! It takes just a few seconds to sign up, it’s totally free and no credit card or anything needed. Here’s the sign up link:


Voting can be done once per day, please vote daily! The contest ends on September 30th I believe.



Thanks for reading and to those of you who support me, I can’t be thankful enough!!








Will Spring Ever Come????



photo-1Greeting from the snowy freezing cold tundra..otherwise known as Michigan!! This has been by far the worst winter we have ever had here, record snow falls and sub zero temps. Yeah, we have winter every year and of course snow comes along with the territory but the winter of 2014 will no doubt go down in history. I think we have had over 7 feet of snow and hardly any of it has melted, usually we have snow followed by some warmer spells where everything thaws but not this time. It’s March 4th and we are due for more snow today, when will it end?


Luckily, I was able to escape the bitterness for some time…I just got back from a week in LA and a couple of days in the Miami area where I got to thaw out! Sure, I was shooting almost every day but it was so nice to be able to wear flip flops and regular clothes. I had this fantasy in my mind that everything would warm up and melt while I was away and I would return to trees budding and birds singing…but nope, that did not happen. Had a great trip to LA! I stayed with my very good friend Jelena Jensen, who I am sure you all know. She’s been a friend of mine for about 8 years I think, possibly more, and she is also my webmaster. She took excellent care of me…she’s a fabulous cook and her home is nice and welcoming. While I was there, I did a couple of shoot days for maximummaggie.com as well as shot for Immoral Live and ATK. I was all set to fly back to Michigan when my agent called and asked if I could head down to Miami for a couple of days for Reality Kings. Stuff always comes up very last minute in this business which is difficult for me since I don’t operate that way at all. I like schedules and knowing in advance when I will be shooting. But I had to be flexible and go with the flow..plus two more days of warmth was not to be passed up! I’m very glad that I did though, I love working with RK especially the crew in FL…very nice and very organized.


Now I’m back and it’s still horribly cold, yesterday it was 6 degrees when I went to the gym. However, I get to leave again in 3 weeks and this time to go on vacation! Another cruise to the Caribbean, this will be my third one! SO excited and I feel that I’ve earned this trip 1000%!


I have to say, when I am gone I truly miss webcamming! It’s such a part of my life and I am so fortunate to be able to work from the comfort of my own home. I could not imagine traveling to LA every month when I can make a great living doing my own thing. Please come play with me some time on maggiegreen.cammodels.com and see what all of the hype is about : )


Leaving you with a few new pics from the site and some selfies : ) Keep warm everyone! If you’re already in a place that’s warm, well I hate you. Sort of : )

Lots of Love,



My First Post of 2014

It’s a little belated but Happy New Year!  We kicked the new year off with a HUGE snow storm, in case you’ve been living under a rock we had a giant blizzard from the Polar Vortex topped with record breaking low temperatures. It got to -15 F and that was without the windchill..I think with that factored in we hit -30! Yikes! I mean, yeah I live in Michigan so I am prepared for snow and cold winters but this was insane. My poor dogs didn’t want to go out, they normally enjoy the white stuff but they would run out to go potty and then dash back in! We got about 18 inches of snow where I live, most of it has since melted but we’re getting more snow as I write this. But I like the winter and the snow, it makes you really appreciate those warm spring and summer days. I really missed the change of seasons when I lived in California.


Today I have decided that I am taking the day off…crazy talk but I have to do it! Feeling very burnt out, I am always doing something work related whether it be web camming, editing videos and photos, shooting videos and photos, processing clips and uploading them to my clip store, answering emails, making custom videos, managing my online auctions, interacting with fans in forums and on social media, it literally never ends and I could work 24/7 and still never be done. And I didn’t even include the fitness classes that I teach. And it’s just me, I’m a one man show, no assistant..just me. It definitely takes a toll. I normally take most of Sunday off…but there’s always some work done anyway…but that day is spent running errands, working out, grocery shopping and food prepping for the week. Not much of a day to chill or do something fun. So far I’ve spent the morning posting clips to my store, editing a couple of videos, editing a some photos, and now writing this blog. But I’m about to log off and go do something else…maybe shopping, maybe a nap, doesn’t matter just as long as I unplug a little bit. I’m going on vacation at the end of March but that’s still 10 weeks away…I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to make time for themselves and myself included.


Speaking of my clip store, here is the link: http://clips4sale.com/64319 I’ve been busting my ass to make tons of sexy hot fetish videos all for your viewing pleasure so please, take a look! There’s all kinds of naughty stuff in there and I think you’ll be surprised to see this whole other side of me! I really enjoy the fetish world, I had no idea how much I would like it : ) Any ideas, please send them my way! And please come see me live on my webcam sometime very soon! You surely don’t want to miss that!!  http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com/


I’m really excited to see what this year has in store! Life is what you make of it and I KNOW this year will be amazing! As long as I don’t bury myself in work and take more time to smell the roses, I think I’m on the right track to having one of the best years yet : ) So here are some photos of the snow storm and from the website…thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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Happy Holidays!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…or maybe you don’t celebrate so Happy Holidays to you! I myself am not a Christian so I don’t think of Christmas in the traditional sense but I do celebrate it in my own way. For me, it’s a time of giving and honoring my loved ones. I truly embrace the spirit of giving and I often get annoyed at all of the greediness that occurs around this time of year. All of the things that I truly want can’t be bought…except more vacations to Hawaii : ) I see no value in expensive hand bags, shoes or luxury cars. These items mean nothing at the end of the day. How many people will be on their death bed and think, ” Shit, I wish I had bought that Lexus or that Louis Vuitton bag.” More likely you’ll think about family, friends, and memories that make your heart sing. THIS is what life is about, NOT stuff. So when I see all of these crazy “sales” and “deals”..which often really aren’t deals at all..and people buying tons of cheap crap made in China just to have more presents to open, it turns me off to the holiday. It should be about having a nice quiet meal with those you love, maybe exchanging some thoughtful and meaningful gifts, enjoying time together and appreciating what you have. I think this gets so lost and it’s too bad. That crap you buy your kids will most likely be forgotten about in a few weeks but the memories you make with them can last a life time.

Anyway, I want everyone to take some time out over the next week and really cherish what is important…love. Every moment is precious and unique and nothing will last forever. Pets pass away as do people, relationships change and some end, people move on. So really take a moment and love the ones you’re with, embrace them and understand that you really never know how much time you’ll have.

Be the Change that You Want to See in the World!!


And I leave you with a few not so serious photos! XOXO

Love always,




Special Holiday Raffle to Benefit My Favorite Charity!! Please Read!!

Hi everyone! I hope my American friends all enjoyed Thanksgiving this year! I sure did…I started the day off right with a two hour workout before cooking the turkey dinner and basically lounging around all day. I even took a nap which felt so decadent and indulgent : ) I needed it! I also took yesterday off..not to go shopping or anything, I actually despise Black Friday…but to relax and get the house decorated for the holidays. I need to give myself more downtime and that’s definitely a NY resolution for me.

For the past few years, I have done something to donate to my favorite charity, it is so near and dear to my heart. It’s called the Last Day Dog Rescue. In September 2011, I adopted my little boy Ziggy from them and it has forever changed my world. This was the first time I have ever rescued a dog, my other dog Phyllis came from a breeder as a puppy. I had no idea how amazing an experience it would be to watch Ziggy go from a needy nervous pup to a relaxed and confident dog. Last Day Dog Rescue pulled Ziggy from a high kill shelter and he was actually going to be sold to a research facility. Yes, some states still do that and there are tears in my eyes as I write this. He was so loving from the get go but I could tell he was always worried about being left, he would follow me from room to room and had a hard time leaving my side. But after he got settled and learned what a real home was going to be like, he became more independent and now he can take a nap upstairs if I am downstairs and doesn’t come to the bathroom with me every time I go : ) He’s been great for Phyllis and keeps her young, they snuggle and play and love each other. And he’s been great for me too, he’s very affectionate and loves to be cuddled and there’s nothing more comforting than when he curls up on my lap every night. Not just every night but every second he gets!

If I could give Last Day Dog rescue the world, I would do it! They have expanded and grown and have rescued hundreds of dogs, many of them seniors and mothers with newborn pups. They need help! I make donations to them through out the year but I wanted to do something special for the holidays.

So here is what I thought of: I am doing a raffle. At the end of December, I am going to raffle off my biggest surprise box ever! There will be DVDs, magazines, autographed photos, panties, stockings, and much much more! If I get a lot of entires, I will throw in a Skype show or custom video! I may even throw in some home baked goodies and other non porn related items! I can’t wait to be creative with this!

Here is how it will work…you can donate money to them via Paypal or even send them a check. Or you can buy items from their Amazon wish list. You need to send me proof of your donation, a screen shot of the Paypal receipt, same with the Amazon receipt, etc. Every $10 you donate equals one raffle ticket. Every single dollar will go to them as you are donating to them directly and I will pay for shipping for the winning box of goodies out of own pocket.

Also, everyone who donates $10 gets a personal holiday card from me and an autographed photo! If you don’t want to receive something physically in the mail, I will email you a free video or some photos.

I am doing this anonymously so when you donate, please do not write anything about Maggie Green or a raffle, etc as they won’t know what it is.

Here are some links:
http://www.lastdaydogrescue.org/ Their homepage, check them out!
http://amzn.com/w/3TKXYEBAFM2VH Their Amazon wish list, anything purchased will be directly sent to them
http://www.lastdaydogrescue.org/info/display?PageID=11942 This page has the link to donate to their Paypal

I REALLY hope we can raise some money for this amazing cause. Please help out some animals in need and get some sexy things from me while doing it!

Leaving you with some photos of my Ziggy…there are plenty more through out my blog. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Any questions please email maggie@maximummaggie.com!

Love always,

Happy Halloween!!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…TWO blog posts in one week?! Is the world ending? Is Maggie ok? Haha yeah I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween. I myself am just hanging out passing out candy and possibly sipping on some red wine. But if you’re going out to party it up, play it safe boys and girls. Now for some sexy costume pics!!


It’s Starting to Get COLD

Hey there everyone! I’m sitting in my office right now, it’s Saturday morning and damn, the wind is howling like crazy. I can hardly believe that it’s November next week which means the stores will put up the Christmas shit and we will all start to panic. Seriously, 2013 has FLOWN right by me, it’s been a very productive and rewarding year for me but if time goes by quicker the older that you get, then that’s some scary shit!


One new thing is that I got my Group Fitness Instructor certification and have been teaching some classes at the gym! I’ve had my Zumba license for a year now but this is something entirely different, it means that I can teach anything that I want on my own such as Boot Camp and Step Aerobics, etc. One of the instructors at my gym has gone to Thailand for several weeks so I am subbing a bunch of her classes and doing some of my own as well. That shit is HARD. I knew it would be tough but some days it exhausts me both physically and mentally. It’s one thing to take a class and push yourself but to be the instructor is an entirely different challenge. You have to make sure you’re demonstrating proper form at all times while encouraging the class and keep track of how many repetitions you’re doing for each exercise. I’ve been doing a day where I do two hour long classes back to back and it wipes me the fuck out! But I LOVE it!!! Anyone who is a fitness instructor knows that you don’t do it for the money, at first it sounds good because you think you’re getting paid to do a workout that you would do anyway. Yes and no…you have to put a lot more in to it when you’re coaching and the money isn’t anything fabulous. What IS fabulous however, is knowing that you’re helping people reach their goals, whatever those may be. You are the one leading the class and telling them good job and keep going and that’s a pretty sweet feeling. So I’m really glad that I’ve decided to do this but I need to find a balance between this and my already jam packed schedule.


You all know how much I adore and love my dogs, they are my babies! They are both doing great except this past month, Phyllis has had some minor issues…ear infection, a mysterious growth on her paw and just this week she has to have a molar extracted. Poor baby is still on pain killers but she’s really doing well. I’ve been SO lucky to have healthy dogs, Phyllis is almost 10 and really she hasn’t had any problems. When we lived in California she did have some allergy issues but since we’ve been in Michigan, those have cleared up entirely. So I think I’ve been to the vet 5 times in 4 weeks! I’d do anything for them though!


I recently blogged about my clips for sale store…wow, it’s really taking off and I’m having SO much fun with it! I love how creative I can be! it’s a lot of work, lots of editing but hey, the way I see it is that you get out what you put in. It’s growing and I am going to keep expanding and adding to my fetishes…let’s see how naughty and kinky I can get! http://clips4sale.com/64319 is the link to my store…I’m open to suggestions too. I also produce custom videos where you come up with the idea and script. I’ve actually been doing a fair number of these over the past couple of months so let me know if you want one! maggie@maximummaggie.com


I’m all over the place these days so here’s a list of where you can find me:

http://clips4sale.com/64319 Clip Store

https://twitter.com/maximummaggie My Twitter

http://maximummaggie.tumblr.com My Tumbler…you’ll find lots of naughty pics on here

http://www.ebanned.net/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?action=showme&user=Maggiegreenxxx Naughty Auctions

http://abibids.com/profile.php/page,userProfile/uid,3945 Another place for naughty auctions

http://extralunchmoney.com/user/MaggieGreenXXX Send me naughty texts and buy porn!

http://maggiegreen.cammodels.com Watch me perform LIVE cam shows! Come play and say hi, I’m lots of fun!

http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/344XB1J6XDOB7 My Amazon Wish List..if you spoil me, I spoil you back!

And of course, my website… http://maximummaggie.com

So there you have it!  I am also opening clip stores on kinkbomb.com and clipvia.com so those will be up and running at some point.


Ok, I have to get all dolled up for my webcam fun today,  join me later!! Here are some pics from the site and a couple of my pups : ) Enjoy the weekend!!




And I’m Back!!

Ugh, it’s been SO long since I’ve blogged and I’m sorry about that. I seriously have been so freaking busy this summer it hasn’t even been funny. I know I’m always busy but this time I have been in and out of town for months. Finally things have calmed down and I’m so pleased about that. This summer I made two trips to LA, a trip to Chicago for the Exxxotica convention, hosted out of town guests, went up to the lake several times as I usually do in the summer, and all the while teaching Zumba, working on my site, camming and my new Clips for Sale store…more about that in a minute. It seems like it was just the 4th of July and here we are in the middle of September. Yikes! Anyway, I do not have any trips planned in the near future and while that could obviously change, I am happy and relived to be at home and have things continue on in a normal fashion. Well, normal for me.

A couple of months ago, I launched my Clips for Sale store. I’ve been meaning to blog about it but obviously that hasn’t happened until now. If you aren’t familiar with clip stores, basically it’s a place where you can purchase videos to download. Some of them are ones from my website but clips4sale.com is much more fetish oriented, take a look and see what I mean. At first I was overwhelmed when browsing around but now I am so excited to try new fetishes and make new porn beyond what I am used to. It’s broadened my horizons so to speak. It’s going to allow those creative juices to flow and I really dig that. I take custom video orders, you can email me about them at maggie@maximummaggie.com. I am also open to suggestions and ideas of what different types of fetishes you might like to see. Here is the link to my store, Maggie Green’s Fetish Fantasies  http://clips4sale.com/64319 so please check it out! I was updating every day last month but then I have been traveling and haven’t been back on a schedule for the updates yet but I am working on that. Still there are over 70 clips on there right now.

I am still enjoying teaching Zumba but I am also excited to tell everyone that I am certified to teach other fitness classes as well…I am going to be doing a bootcamp starting next month. I’m really proud of this, I have always worked out but now it’s a lifestyle and my body craves exercise. I take days off of course but if I don’t workout when planned then I feel bummed out…seriously exercise is great for depression and anxiety. It has been an excellent coping mechanism for me and could be for you too!

I wish I had some super exciting and amazing things to tell you about my summer but alas, it was work, work, work for the most part. I did love the Chicago Exxxotica show though, the fans were the nicest I’ve met and so respectful! I am going to leave you now with some photos from the summer…enjoy and have a great weekend!!