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  1. Don’t know if you’ll EVER see this Maggie, but when I saw this blog entry with your favorite charity, I just had to say: Due to my Dad forcing me to go with him with our family dog to be put to sleep when I was 10, I can’t even go near the dog pound to see the dogs on Death Row without crying- and I’m 56 now…I don’t (can’t) own a dog, and I DO contribute to this fine charity to save OUR Best Friend… but hope you will consider the noble shelter workers who are forced to do the grisly euthanasia work as part of their job… so, every year I donate the MOST money I can afford, in cash, directly to the dog pound in my area… and designate it be shared by only those souls who have to do this tragic work, for whatever they wish, though I’m quite pleased and proud to say they use it to buy beverages to host an “Adopt a Doggie” Christmas party, which they enjoy for the drinks, AND the chance to bring folks in to adopt a dog! At last count, they have, in ten years, adopted out over 130 dogs! The happiness that results for all has finally allowed me to go IN the shelter, at least at Xmas!
    So please don’t forget the human saints that work at these places, too!

    P.S. You ALWAYS get me hot & horny, but now you get me sentimental too, you Heavenly Devil!

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